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SUNDAY 29th MARCH 2020: The passing of a UK gaming legend: Tony Berry

An extremely sad day for UK gamers everywhere. Games Gazette, myself, we are devastated to hear this sad news.

Sadly, I have just read the news on Angus Abranson's Facebook post, Tony died last Sunday.

I met Tony through my friendship with Michael Hodge (Avalon Hill and TM Games) and he helped keep Games Gazette Magazine alive through his store and his enthusiasm for the games hobby.

He was a lovely man, a man anyone would have been proud to know and be able to call friend. He had a  friendly, cheerful, grumpy old man, manner about him which had folk who didn't know him guessing if he was serious or joking (mostly he was joking of course) and he was one of the most honestly helpful people you could meet. I am grateful to have known him.

Tony put his game store on the map and made LEISURE GAMES  the London Store to go to, even though it was way out from Central London in North Finchley, and the top UK online store for games at great prices.

Chip off the old block, Tony's son, Michael (Mike) took over the every-day running of the store when Tony semi-retired and has kept Tony's legacy living. Mike is just like his dad was, no-nonsense good at business, but friendly, chatty, approachable, loyal to friends and customers. Tony must have been so proud of him.

I would like to send my best wishes and all good thoughts to Michael and all of Tony's family and friends. So sad and sorry to hear of your loss. Tony will be remembered by gamers everywhere.

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