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TWJO is one of the longest running games magazines in the UK (or World) It is for people who like to play games, read books, write commentary and enjoy  interacting with like-minded fellow gamers.

There are usually several games running at the same time, organised and ruled over by some of the most experienced players in the UK/World.

Play games online with turns played on TWJO website and magazine.

Games May Include:

Trophy Hunter - the game where you aim into empty spaces on a grid and hope some hapless animal wanders into the space at the moment you fire.
Elmers End (Railway Rivals 16)
Freshford (Railway Rivals 15)
Way Station (Star Trader)
Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses (En Garde! - this game continues to run and run - if you die you start a new character without delay) The game of love, poetry, military madness, kinship, and pointy metal sticks (or pistols) at Dawn. (from what I understand, Dawn is getting fed up being poked and prodded and having balls propelled towards her, so she is thinking of changing her name to Sunrise).

There is informal chatter to which you are requested to reply, disagree/agree with. Beer is often mentioned. At least one game per issue is thoroughly reviewed, with photos and opinions. 

Regular Games Events are noted by date and location.

Plus there are often new games at great prices available directly from

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