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The first wave of Kickstarter games for TAINTED GRAIL: The Fall of Avalon have nearly been completed and the second wave is due sometime in 2020.

Meanwhile, there is a digital version on the horizon, coming from the makers of the board game and using the media of Steam.

You can view it's intro video here

You can see the Story video here

The PC version is Not a Board Game adaptation, but an RPG created from the ground up.

Every backer of the Board Game on Kickstarter will get the digital version for free on top of their pledge. 

If you like what to see and enjoy the universe of Tainted Grail here are few things that you can do to help us! 

When can I get my Free steam key....? 

Ok, so first of all - while the game looks so much better then it did, we are far from being done! We really want to make it an extremely well fledged RPG experience that will compete with other digital games out there. 

What we know that we need to work on more: 

While working on gameplay we were doing tons of different builds and testing out totally out of the box ideas. From the very start we did not want to do a simple port of a Board Game - we believe that every medium have its own strengths and while Board Game mechanics can work amazingly well on the table - on computer they might be very tiresome. 

This is why you will see quite a lot of changes in the digital games, most importantly:

But there is so much more small changes everywhere - once you will see the demo, you will know ;) It feels like 2 different beasts, but we hope the overall fell [sic] of exploration and adventure is strong in both titles! 


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