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 In a few short weeks hundreds of gamers will arrive in Perth as it holds the first Tabletop Scotland event on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of September 2018. 
Perth’s Dewars Centre will host Tabletop Scotland, welcoming board, card and roleplaying game enthusiasts from across the UK and promises to be one of the biggest gaming events seen in Scotland.

What do we have planned? Well, we’re glad you asked!

• Open Gaming space for hundreds of people 
• Exhibitors and Events galore 
• More than 70 tables of Roleplaying Games over the weekend with 15+ tables per slot including a Dungeons & Dragons EPIC event 
• Board and Card game tournaments throughout the weekend including Carcassonne, Catan (UK Qualifier), Karuba, Pandemic Survival (UK Qualifier), Star Wars Destiny and an official Grand Clash event for Shadespire 
• Board & Card Games Library with 250+ games 
• HABA Family Zone 
• Gateway Zone designed for those new to the hobby to try some of the best entry point games. 
• Playtest Zone to try out games at various stages of development (maybe your own game?)

Exhibitors include – Asmodee UK, Coiledspring Games, Geeknson, DMB Games, Gaming Enhancements, Hexagony, Pelgrane Press, Inspiring Games, Stuff By Bez, One Free Elephant, Wreck and Ruin, Bad Cat Games, Twisted Bit Games, Big Dog Books (Perth), Common Ground Games (Stirling), Settlers (Hamilton), West End Games (Glasgow).and many more with full details on our website.

To find out more and to buy your tickets and book into any events or seminars go to

Please note that online tickets for the convention and event reservations closes on Friday 24th August. Whilst tickets and event booking will be possible at the convention, the only way to guarantee your place is by booking online.

You can follow us on and 
You can also contact the convention directly via email at


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