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If you have the money or if you are in a games club that has the money then there are some fantastic sets of tabletop walls, caverns, sci-fi rooms and their accessories, that will truly enhance your tabletop playing. Of course you'll need a lot of money to get anywhere near the fantastic sets seen online from DMG GAMES in the UK and DWARVEN FORGE in the USA.

The DMB GAMES products are made from a less-heavy material than the DWARVEN FORGE pieces but they do line up better, at least when compared to the original DF sets where the stone floors only line up correctly when you use passage pieces that have parallel walls - if you look carefully you will see that the one wall corridors have 1½ flagstones whereas the two wall corridors have 2 complete flagstones. DMB have looked carefully at the DF pieces and made their products similar without actually copying them, making their passage pieces fit and having separate wall pieces that stand adjacent and thus keep the corridor width the same.

Dwarven Forge pieces and sets are generally about 20%-25% more expensive than DMB which isn't a great amount but it will give you a good saving if you intend to buy enough to have a complete dungeon or castle tabletop set up or a fully flexible set that you can break up and move as necessary. 

There is no dodging this; these sets are expensive (especially when you consider we used to play with just pencils and paper and a dungeon map designed on graph paper) but they are visually amazingly impressive (especially when you consider we used to play with just pencils and paper and a dungeon map designed on graph paper). When I say 'expensive' I do not mean in any way that they are not of good value. The amount of resources, time, machinery, effort, planning and painting that go into making just one short passageway, plus the production, storage, delivery etc makes the profit margin a lot smaller than you may at first think.

Stefan Pokorny of Dwarven Forge has spent since 1996 building up his Dwarvenite empire. DMB GAMES Kickstarted successfully in 2018 as a one-man-working-at-home business. It started so well for DMB but as it was in competition with the fully supported Dwarven Forge that had been established for 22 years, Andy found it too much for him. He put this (see below) on the DMB Facebook page recently:



"Hello Everyone,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post, I have decided to close DMB Games at the end of the year.

The truth is I have been struggling for a while now with getting orders complete, the Kickstarter finished and attending shows with all the logistics, stock and effort that is involved with shows.

I am making myself ill again, through long hours, little sleep and stress, and I don’t want to end up going through what I went through last year.

There is simply to much work for me to do on my own and not enough regular income to employ someone to help.

I will be fulfilling all the orders we currently have, as well as finishing the Kickstarter so that everyone who is owed something will get it, no one will miss out, please let me stress that again, no one will miss out on anything that they have currently ordered.

It won’t be the last you see of me though, I will still be popping up and be around, and I will still be producing gaming content.

I’ll be concentrating on publishing our Board game Rosebyrne Manor and look to work on some RPG material as well as other gaming projects, but the Dungeon tiles will no longer be produced, as a product you can buy from the website.

Once the dust settles and I have gotten over the current backlog of outstanding tiles I will look at taking custom orders for those of you who already have the tiles, if I am able to., as well as limited edition and custom pieces that I may sell as one off items, although that is not set in stone.

The Kickstarter was much much more than I ever imagined and while I am grateful that so many people thought the product was good enough to back, it has broken me, and right now I never want to see another tile, or pick up a paint brush again.

As I said I will complete every order that I have, and any that I get before the end of the year, should any one wish to order something before I stop producing the tiles (it might just take me a little while to do so) but the Website will go off line in the first week of December, although I will probably re-purpose it for Rosebyrne Manor and any other new bits that I produce.

Just to re-iterate again, I will be fulfilling everything we currently have as an order, and finishing the Kickstarter pledges, no one is going to miss out on anything that they are owed.

Thank you all for the support, understand and patience, you have shown and continue to show me, it’s very humbling that so many of you believe in me and DMB Games, and I’m sorry it must end.


Andy @ DMB"

This is sad news as I am sure Stefan would have welcomed the competition, there is plenty of room for another 3D floor plan manufacturer, plus had Andy managed to have fulfilled the more than expected Kickstarter numbers earlier and had been able to get to Spiel Essen I am sure DMB Games products would have become very popular in the UK and Europe. As I said earlier, the profit margins are quite small and thus Andy couldn't afford the necessary craftsmen to work with and for him. Add that to him making himself ill trying to keep up and it's no wonder that DMB as a floor plan producer had to fold. It is good that Andy is going to ensure that everyone who has ordered product will get it, and great news that he is going to carry on with ROSEBYRNE MANOR, with which we wish him all the very best.

Andy was at the Colchester games event in October and will no doubt be at other local events as he still has some pieces that are not ordered to sell off. At Colchester he offered event discounts so I imagine these will continue at other shows. If you are looking for 3D tabletop scenery you can probably pick up some of these pieces and sets at a good price - they are definitely worth getting. As I have said, they are similar, not copies, of Dwarven Forge style pieces but they do fit in nicely, especially if you want a roughly hewn dungeon or cavern labyrinth that is supposedly ancient and built by several different tribes and races (think the Colisseum in Rome, made of many different stone types and built by several emporers over many years).

You can find out more about ROSEBYRNE MANOR here:


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