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To All Games Players:
I sincerely hope you and your family and friends have remained safe and well throughout the recent (and still current for some) COVID-19 crisis. It’s not been easy for anyone, I suspect.

Kendall Johns, the magazine's original editor has had a successful operation and is home and safe, and starting what might prove to be a long road to recovery.

For now, Guy Allen is up to helping me (Alex Bardy) with the magazine going forward, in a new role as Support Editor.

Guy Allen has been a regular contributor to The SPIRIT, and seems an endless source of article ideas, and already given me some valuable help and support in getting this latest issue put together.

We obviously still need and value all help and support, now more than ever, and anything you can provide in the way of content, articles, feedback or reviews would be hugely appreciated, and always welcome.

One of the thoughts Guy did have, was to ask regular and former contributors to (and readers) to get in touch and tell us what will be the first game they’d like to get back onto a real table (with real friends and colleagues sat with you,

rather than virtual ones!) when this whole Lockdown business is finally or practically over...

Here’s his tuppence-worth to start us off...  Please do let us know what’s the first game you’d like to play post-Lockdown (and why)...

Guy Allen - Tortuga 1667

Tortuga has been one of the best games for social cohesion in our group over the last couple of years. It plays up to 9 relatively well, turns come round quickly, and puts players in one of two teams (plus the Dutchman). The spice is that at least in the early game you don’t know who is on your team, and given that social deduction games are close to impossible over Zoom or Skype, this seems a good choice. But the real reason for playing it as soon as possible after lockdown is the fun factor. No other game that I own brings so much laughter and banter to the table, so I think it will be a great reminder of what we have missed over the last few months. And the fact that half the players will be on the winning team doesn't hurt either. 

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