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Final report 2020
The first virtual edition of SPIEL - the world's largest convention for board and card games has exceeded all expectations

148,000 individual visitors to
Official livestreams alone record more than a million hits
Tabletopia reports a user increase of 100 percent during the event

Despite Corona, SPIEL, which this year took place virtually with more than 400 exhibitors from 41 nations, brought hundreds of thousands of people together to play. Board game enthusiasts around the globe celebrated a unique board game festival together - not only at the online convention, but also in shops, board game cafes, at smaller events and in numerous international streams.

The platform alone recorded 148,000 individual visitors. Over four days, players gathered information about new game releases or took a seat at one of the numerous virtual gaming tables to test the games. Games continued deep into the night at the convention, which remained open around the clock. The special atmosphere and internationality of the event was aptly described by one visitor: "If you're learning a new game at 2 o’clock in the morning with an American game explainer, a German student and an elderly board game enthusiast - probably of Italian or Spanish origin - and suddenly someone comes along and says: 'We're the Brazilian live-stream and you're on air now', ... that's all just great!"
How much was played at virtual gaming tables is shown, among other things, by the evaluation of Tabletopia, which after all was just one of several gaming platforms offered at Tabletopia reported a 100 percent increase in users during the convention.

The official livestreams, which were offered in many world languages and provided an informative and varied program, also had over a million hits and were extremely popular.
The organizer Friedhelm Merz Verlag is highly satisfied with this impressive result. This digital platform has also succeeded in providing a massive international stage for board games, in bringing people together to play and in telling them about this year's new game releases.

So that interested parties can continue to obtain information beyond the end of the fair, the platform will remain online until the end of the year.
The next SPIEL International Games Event will take place at the exhibition halls at the Messe Essen from October 14 to 17, 2021.
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