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Snakebyte’s GAME: PAD 4S WIRELESS™ for PlayStation 4 compatible with macOS and iOS

Schwerte, Germany –  22 October 2019 – the latest update of the Apple operating systems macOS and iOS opens up new possibilities for players on stationary and mobile Apple devices: Sony's DUAL SHOCK 4 controllers as well as the high-quality controllers from snakebyte’s GAME:PAD 4S can now be easily connected to Apple devices and enable gaming with the controller on iPhone, iPad, Mac and AppleTV.

The GAME: PAD 4S WIRELESS™ is available in black, blue, grey, camo blue, camo bubblegum and Rock (stone grey) from £34.99/29.99€. A handy design, built-in vibration motors, analog joysticks and triggers allows players to immerse themselves in the action and garuntees an authentic gaming experience. In addition, the wireless Bluetooth connection is particularly responsive and also ensures low connection latency. The gamepad is equipped with a 3.5 mm jack connector and an LED home button.

To ensure that players on the PlayStation as well as on their Apple devices can enjoy the controllers for a long time, snakebyte offers a 5-year warranty on all gamepads in the series.

snakebyte distribution: Established in Germany 1997, the snakebyte group is a leading global provider of consumer electronics. The Company has offices in Germany, Shenzhen, the US and Hong Kong and develops and distributes a wide selection of products specializing in connected media devices, gaming, simulation, drones & RC products. In addition, the Company provides its services in the OEM/ODM sector, working with partners to realise their goals and stay ahead of the competition. The snakebyte group have high levels of expertise in hardware engineering and software development, experts at creating an ecosystem in which technology and media can co-exist and provide state-of-the-art experiences for the consumer.

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Below are three of SNAKEBYTE'S GAME PAD 4S WIRELESS  Pink, White and Blue. Compared to many PS4 controllers the price is generally between £15.00-£30.00 cheaper, and with a 5 year warranty how do you beat that?


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