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The South London Warlords is a Wargames, Board Games, Modelling and RPG group
Saturday April 6th Excel East London

This means that we meet as a group and play games with - usually - a conflict orientated theme. These games are sometimes based on historical events or on entirely fictional situations.

The Club meets every Monday evening at St. Barnabas Parish Hall in Gilkes Place, Dulwich Village, London between 7:30pm and 11:00pm, with extended Saturday sessions around eight times a year.  On the last Monday of each month the Club often puts on a large participation game, an ideal opportunity for new members to join in and for established members to try something new.

If you think you might be interested in joining the Club, why not come along and visit us one Monday evening - perhaps the last Monday of the month? There is no obligation to join, but you will be made welcome.

The Warlords also run Salute, the biggest wargames show in the UK.

Please continue to scroll to the end. Hopefully the photos will interest you in SALUTE 20.

How To Join the SLW


Pre-bookings for this years event were running at just under 6000 attendees not including Exhibitors and Staff.

Despite this extremely good turn out the aisles between the stalls, stands, demo, display and interactive games tables meant that even in a wheelchair getting around was easily achieved without continually saying "Excuse me". 

As always the level of quality of models, miniature painting, scenery and available games for the public to join in was extremely high, as was the help and assistance offered by every member of the SALUTE/SLW staff; the age of the pompously stuffy wargamer versus the genral public games player has long gone and it is now a great hobby for everyone who is interested in any aspect of (mostly tabletop miniature) games playing.

The variety of games and accessories on show was also amazing and so far reaching, beyond what you might expect in fact. Highlight of the show for me was the LEGO Brick display that had three separate sides. Every brick was bought from stores, second-hand and new and also not one piece didn't come from a Lego set. The design was original, not a Lego boxed set, and took over 4 months to put together one brick and one step at a time. Some of the miniatures on this wonderful display cost over a £fiver each and there was a heck of a lot of them. I hesitate to guess the actual cost of building this piece, even mostly with second-hand bricks, because as a Lego fan I know what a single brick can cost (and there are hundreds plus in this construction). So a big thank you to the gentleman who proudly took the time to explain it to me and another big thanks for making it a superb centre aisle piece for the show.

Everyone was doing a double-take (actually a treble-take as there were 3 sides) as their first look at LEGO 'FLASH GORDON'

So well constructed there were tunnels/rooms that went through from one side to the other. Visually brilliant in design and colour.

SALUTE has never been a show like GenCon or Memorabilia for Cos-Play characters but they are slowly finding this even of interest. The Mechwarrior guy's Mech Suit was truly amazing. 


Of course there were hundred and hundreds of metal and plastic pieces painted in detail to within a millionth of reality. Various battles, historic, fantasy, created for the show or designed by single gamers or clubs, displayed in all their glory, some just to marvel at and others to sit down and join in with, free to play and explained to anyone who showed interest with great dedication, such as the South Essex Warriors game (below) - other photos unnamed.

Horses, Elephants, Infantry, Cavalry the odd Farmhouse and occasional hill - classic tabletop wargaming at its very best.


I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this game of the 60's Animated Puppet Show 'STINGRAY'  from Television, such a pleasing appearance as I suddenly came across it, and what fantastic miniatures and so beautifully painted.

LOKE Battle Mat Books (remember GGO reviewed the Giant Book of Battle Mats not so long ago) had  their latest 'Big' Book of mats, for Science Fiction based miniatures and role-playing games on display and sale. Their mainman and designer was happy to pose for me. Thank you sir for your patience as my camera (on the phone) went through a few moments of indecision on its own.
STARCIDE (who had put a promo miniature in the bag handed out at the door) had the stand next to LOKE and were eager to explain their miniatures battles game. For anyone willing to spend 5 minutes listening to the explanation of the game and the dice a free plastic (needs assembly) miniature was the reward. Actually STARCIDE doesn't sound like a particularly new idea for a battle game but the miniatures and the scenery specifically designed for the game is extremely good (as you can see below).

ACHTUNG!CTHULHU is a continually growing miniatures game with one of the most unique background stories for the missions, plus it has some awesome figures.

Magnificent Modiphius Miniatures and Games.


The Magic of Laser-Cut MDF took precedence on several trade stands and game tables. It is light, fairly sturdy and can be used to create beautiful art of virtually any design of scenery, from any age/era.

For example: UNCERTAIN SCENERY were certainly not uncertain about their use of this 'magic wood'.

The T.T.COMBAT company are apparently renown for offering 'special' deals such as the one below that was specifically for SALUTE 19
I don't do anywhere near as much tabletop miniature gaming as I used to, I still play a lot but not a lot compared to many, but I still had to grip my wallet firmly as I rolled on past this offer [below]

T.T.COMBAT had some super deals on games such as the new BATMAN game for £75.00 as opposed to others selling it at the rrp of £100.00

 Just looking along the line of T.T.Combat's laser-cut MDF scenery at the show.
You can check out T T Combat's scenery and accessories here

 Didn't catch the name of this stand but the figures and paint work on some of them was superb.

 Trays to throw/roll dice into to, and thus prevent them falling on the floor or bouncing around on the board knocking miniatures over or displacing counters, are the latest high priority game accessoty. This stand, which also sold large battle maps, had a great selection of Dice Trays with icons and symbols from a many and varied period or system.

SALUTE used to be a well organised but highly over-subscribed event that had gamers crushing their way through Kensington Town Hall; the atmosphere was buzzing there but it was almost impossible to chat with anyone or often get close to a stall or stand, and getting a coffee or quick snack was out of the question for the majority. Speaking of getting a coffee, LEISURE GAMES managed to get themselves parked right next to the Coffee cabin; great to peruse and purchase games and then sit down with a bun and a drink and discover the wealth of goodness in what you had just bought.

With new rules in place I have to state that I was invited along to SALUTE as Press and not paid or inveigled in any way to write a good or glowing report. This also includes the comments made about some of the companies and clubs. I truly enjoyed my time at SALUTE 19. I met a lot of old friends, made a few new ones, had some great conversations, learnt somethings new and had a super discussion with a game designer about their decision to make a certain type of first box set for Kickstarter.

Thank you to Matt for the Press tickets, thanks to all the staff for their assistance and friendliness, and big thanks to all the exhibitors whether they be traders, demonstrators or clubs putting on people-friendly games. You all worked hard together and made this a wonderful, enjoyable show.

© Chris Baylis 2011-2015