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We can support your own convention

It can be hard launching and running a convention.

How do you get any attention for your event?

How can you afford IT support, cloth, wooden boards, banners and everything you need?

UKGE understand the difficulty having been there and we believe we can help you.

UK Games Expo can support your convention - Panel session at 18.30 NEC Room 1 in the Piazza Suites NEC Saturday 3rd June. 
Find the Piazza Suites on this map

In this short sesion UKGE directors Tony and Richard explain the UKGE convention support service. We can give you hopefully helpful advice. We can lend you materials you need to run your event and we can help market your event.

UKGE are not looking to run your convention (believe us, we have enough work to do!) but we can help you out with your event and not charge you anything for it either.

So, if you are running a convention or planning to launch it come along to Room 1 in Piazza Suites, NEC at 18.30 Saturday 3rd June. and find out more.

Expected duration 30 minutes approx.

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