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The latest rules for WHAT'S YOUR GAME'S "RAILROAD REVOLUTION two contain official mini-variants

You can find the latest rules online to be printed out.

My "Blue Peter" type suggestion:

To save you having to reprint the whole booklet in colour, here below I have copied the two variants verbatim so you can copy and paste them into Word or whatever you use and print them out. I have done this myself, cutting them into two separate slips and carefully sticking them (with a light brush of glue) into relative places of the rules book.

I left about 2cm of blank paper where I put the glue and stuck the slip under the previous group of pages so that it sat clean and neat over the actual rules and could thus be lifted to view the printing underneath with no problem.

The Variants:


Page 11:   Place this after the “example” at the bottom of the page

Variant:  For a more strategic game, instead of drawing the top 3 tiles from the appropriate stack, look through the whole stack and choose any one of them.


Page 12:   Place this between the third from last paragraph and the second from last paragraph.

Variant: For a more challenging game, pay $500, $500, and $1000 (instead of $50, $50, and $100).


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