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I cut n pasted this from Wikipedia. I have read all of the books mentioned and thoroughly enjoyed them. This is a super series for readers who like a good paranormal/fantasy light read with some tongue in cheek fun added in.   Chris


The series follows Betsy Taylor, a woman that loses her job and is killed on the day of her thirtieth birthday. She later awakens in a funeral home and discovers that not only is she a vampire but she's the queen of the vampires. At the start of the series Betsy is frequently at odds with fellow vampire Eric Sinclair, however as the novels progress the two fall in love and eventually get married. Betsy also discovers that she has a half-sister, Laura, who is the Antichrist fated to take over the world.

Book listing

The first four volumes have been reprinted as Betsy the Vampire Queen. Volumes 5 - 7 have been reprinted as Betsy Bride of the Vampire and also includes Dead and Loving It (short stories).

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