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US Tariffs on Toys

We understand backers' fear of the US proposed tariffs on toys (including boardgames). We were afraid too BUT we took that fear and decided to do something about it!

For anyone who may have missed it, the US has proposed a new tariff/tax on toys coming from China of up to 25%. That means companies could have to pay up to 25% on the manufacturing cost (not the MSRP or KS pledge price) to have the games released from US customs. 

We discussed and debated this new challenge thoroughly and have come up with a plan to move forward.

Vesuvius Media  is making a commitment to absorb the cost of any new tariffs that may be implemented following this Kickstarter campaign. Each company must do what is right for their specific circumstances, and we are making this right for us.

Now you have nothing to fear. There will be no surprise extra fees.

Vesuvius Media is a small game development company. Make no mistake, if the tariffs go into effect, they will eat into any profits we hope to make; BUT we are committed to our community of players, we are grateful for your continued support, and we want to keep our games as accessible as possible.

FYI we will make a similar update on our current MonstroCity Kickstarter campaign.

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