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[Sussed again] "Many thanks for sharing your report. It's a wonderful roundup of UKGE. We really enjoyed reading your perspective on everything - and mentioning Sussed too!" Mark Evans
[Sussed]   "Many thanks for explaining Boardgame 'geek' gold to me. I also really appreciate the time you've put into testing and reviewing Sussed.  I'm looking forward to staying in touch and keeping you up to date with new Sussed products as and when we launch them. 
Wishing you continued success with Games Gazette!"  Sussed Games
[Little Factory]  A BIG review of Little Factory by IELLO from Games Gazette.  (Coiledspring Games Newsletter)
[ULM v Mangrovia] "Hey Chris, just thought I'd follow up on this and let you know I really like Mangrovia!!  Only played it twice so far, but it's an excellent game that plays really smoothly, is well balanced, and has a good amount of things to look at and paths to victory.  Our games have been close and we both felt we were never out of contention. Thanks again for getting back to me with you opinion."  (Not naming the author)
[Arkenshield] "your suggestions were really great and helped us a lot.  We have integrated a lot of those impulses from reviewers – such as yours 😊"  Wolfgang (Mad Maki Board Games)
[Ancestors: Humankind] That’s a really great review, it’s clear you absolutely “get” what the game is about, thanks .... Renaissance PR
[Boardgamegeek question] Thanks Chris.  Exactly what I needed to know.  I value your reviews, so that helps me tons...... A Boardgamegeek member (sent via BGG email to GGO).
[Arkenshield] "You gave great advice. It´s all about collecting ideas and combining them to a new Arkenshield...." Wolfgang
[GMT Games] "Thanks very much for sending these over and for republishing some of your wonderful reviews!"   Rachel B.
[Looney News] Thanks for boosting our signal! You stay well, also…  Alison Frane Head Factotum LooneyLabs

[Venom Sabre Headset]  I’ve just read through and you seem to cover off all the major points, all fairly and informatively for readers. Thank you for taking the time to do the headset justice in your testing and review. Gabrielle (PR Heaven Media) 

[Thirsty Meeples. Oxford] "Many thanks for visiting Thirsty Meeples and for the review. I’m glad that you and your family enjoyed the café, and the mirror!"    John

[Jagged Alliance]  "I appreciate a fair review like yours and especially including the level of detail that you have put in".   Jan of Underground

"Thank you very much Chris for your nice and detailed review! I hope you will enjoy it!" [Farm Rescue] HarrisTsagas (designer)

[Rifter #83] "Thank you so much for covering one of my articles in that Rifter, I wrote the Secret Operative article as well as the Hunter/Vigilante. I appreciate your kind words, I hope that you find some good fun in what I put out there!".    Matt Reed

[Echidna Shuffle] "Thanks so much for the support and for the heads-up on the review!  I've posted a link to the review on both the Wattsalpoag FB page and the Echidna Shuffle page". Mike Raabe 

[Holmes Game] "Thanks for posting it on BoardGameGeek as well, it's great for visibility. Thanks for always doing such a good job, your reviews are very thorough and honest, and we really appreciate that."  Gracie Glowiak (Devir Games)

[Achtung Cthulhu] "Awesome, thanks for the splendid review, really much appreciated and glad you're enjoying playing it!"  John Houlihan 

[The Old Hellfire Club] "A STUNNING review from the MAGNIFICENT GAMES GAZETTE!" Twitter [Old Hellfire Club]

[Athens] "Due to your good review I have had a great trade show [at Spiel Essen]" Minwoo Hyun

[Darwinnning!] "We are happy you liked the game. And you are indeed right the card are undertaking modifications. Their look and feel remains the same, but we are listening to the feedback and try to make them more intuitive, and of course the paper quality of the printed cards should be different in the end."  David Hledky

[King's Forge] "Thanks so much for the very thorough and thoughtful review! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Gold."  Brenna 

[Monkey Temple] "I would like to thank you personally for the nice review you did of our game Monkey Temple". Pedro (Space Balloon Games)

[Niffelheim] "Great article! Thanks again" Uberstrategist

[Edna & Harvey: The Breakout PS4]  I’m impressed you’ve stuck with it! Thank you for the link and thanks for taking the time to play Edna & Harvey: The Breakout. Cheers, Gabrielle Hibberd (HeavenMedia)

[C&C Medieval] "Thank you yet again! A well-done review." Anthony (GMT)

[Six Gun Showdown] "I really appreciate the time you have taken to write the reviews and post them." (Redwell Games)

Thank you for spreading the word about Tabletopia. We appreciate that!  Yours, Ivan  PR & marketing
[Via Magica - Hurrican Games]  Many thanks for your review, very much appreciated your comments and glad you enjoyed playing the games. David Westnedge  (David Westnedge Ltd)
"I've just read your Coimbra review. I was thinking of selling it on my eBay listings but your review has convinced me to keep it."  [EB.  A Games Gazette supporter of many, many years]
Ivan Rajkovic  Forest of Radgost Tribe: Read Here  
[Tiny Kingdoms] - Wow thank you so much!    Yours sincerely,    Jack  (Half-Moon Games)

[Christmas Rush!] - Thanks Chris, I thought the review was fair and reasonably positive.  Terry of MTWallet

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