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[Thirsty Meeples. Oxford] "Many thanks for visiting Thirsty Meeples and for the review. I’m glad that you and your family enjoyed the café, and the mirror!"    John

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"Thank you very much Chris for your nice and detailed review! I hope you will enjoy it!" [Farm Rescue] HarrisTsagas (designer)

[Rifter #83] "Thank you so much for covering one of my articles in that Rifter, I wrote the Secret Operative article as well as the Hunter/Vigilante. I appreciate your kind words, I hope that you find some good fun in what I put out there!". 
Matt Reed

[Echidna Shuffle] "Thanks so much for the support and for the heads-up on the review!  I've posted a link to the review on both the Wattsalpoag FB page and the Echidna Shuffle page". Mike Raabe 

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[Athens] "Due to your good review I have had a great trade show [at Spiel Essen]" Minwoo Hyun

[Darwinnning!] "We are happy you liked the game. And you are indeed right the card are undertaking modifications. Their look and feel remains the same, but we are listening to the feedback and try to make them more intuitive, and of course the paper quality of the printed cards should be different in the end."  David Hledky

[King's Forge] "Thanks so much for the very thorough and thoughtful review! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Gold."  Brenna 

[Monkey Temple] "I would like to thank you personally for the nice review you did of our game Monkey Temple". Pedro (Space Balloon Games)
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