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Friedberg, January 25, 2017: This spring supports Pegasus Games again Clubs and stationary retailer with games packages and organizes the Official Pegasus game days or Pegasus Game Club Days. Lag the focus at the last event in Kenner games, so this time are games for families and less experienced players at the center. If the weather in April so the odd excursion leaves fall into the water, the doors are in numerous clubs and shops across the country open for some hours of gameplay.

In this year's games package the latest family of games Friedberger publisher are included: Frogriders takes players into the fantastic world of elves and lets them experience the annual Frog Rider tournament in which to introduce the little elves on their mounts unique choreographies. Tranquility is in My dream house , in which players fill their houses with lovingly detailed spaces. In Sheep & Thief it comes around animals: In this mix of Drafting and placement game, players create landscapes with roads and rivers, but mainly with sheep, the cheeky foxes like to steal. And while the inhabitants of Port Royal are on vacation, it's in Santo Domingo highly forth competing for goods and VPs. All four titles are easy to learn, quick to play and invite to one or another revenge game.

Registration for dealers and clubs

Distributors and games clubs can until March 30, during the period 15 to 30 April in their event from now on Pegasus shop sign. Prospective so have the opportunity to try the games directly in the games store their confidence or get to know the local games club.

The number of participants for the Pegasus Game Club days is limited to 100 games Clubs - early registration is therefore recommended. To participate in the club days also a minimum of ten persons is required.

Visitors who wish to participate in the club days or game days in stores, to find in the linked below overviews for a club or dealer near you. These overviews are updated.

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