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The British Othello Junior Championships is open to all under 15s,  and the winner will win a paid trip to represent the UK  at the World Othello Championships in Prague

Games company John Adams is searching for young competitors to take part in the first official British Othello Junior Championships, where the winner will go on to win a trip to Prague and represent Great Britain 9th-12th October at the World Othello Championships.

The British Othello Junior Championship will be held on Saturday 15th September at Trinity College, Cambridge. At the Championship, each competitor will play six head to head rounds, each with a twenty-five minute time limit.

Othello is an internationally acclaimed two-player strategy game and only takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master.

Experts will also be on-hand throughout the day to offer advice between games, so everyone from board game fans to beginners are welcome to enter the championship.

The winner will be crowned as the Official British Othello Junior Champion and take home a special trophy, plus an all-expenses paid trip, accompanied by a parent / guardian, to the World Othello Championship finals in Prague, Czech Republic from 9th-12th October, to represent Great Britain!

To enter, competitors must be under the age of 15 at the end of October to meet the qualification criteria of the World Championships.

Those looking to compete should email to put the name of their child on the guest list or by messaging the UK Othello page on Facebook.

More details can be found on the event page on the UK Othello Facebook page -




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