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I know I can't take credit for this, but I'm going to try anyway. A few years ago, having seen Twilight Creations stand close to the Midnight Syndicate stand I made a suggestion that they should get together and create a music cd for Zombies !!! the most famous of the Twilight Creations games. The next time I saw the two companies their stands were side by side and from then on they have been either next to each other or sharing a stand. I can just imagine Kerry Breitenstein sitting at a table and playing Zombies !!! whist hearing the deep overtones of Edward and Gavin's compositions, this could easily have been the catalyst that evolved the latest CD from the magical musicians and humourist horrorist.

ZOMBIES !!! the Official Board Game Soundtrack CD from Midnight Syndicate is the ideal background music for when you are playing any of the games and expansions of Twilight Creation's popular game. I have been told, on occasion, that with four players the game has lasted as long as the CD plays (47 minutes 12 seconds) with the final track concluding just as the players reach the heliport and safety. Of course with the players I usually game with it doesn't quite work because instead of racing to the Heliport to escape and win we always attempt to kill and hold onto 25 Zombies, which is another way of winning.

 Zombies or Musicians ? 

It Begins:
Heavy (kettle ?) drums announce the impending doom and keep up their pounding throughout. Hope comes rising slowly through the gloom from the piano (or organ). This track is brought back memories of the Red Weed from Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds.

Where Did Everybody Go:
This haunting melody, augmented by the continued but slighter drumming, brings images of empty streets, tumbleweed blowing through the dusty alleys, and the slight movement of dust and dirt as the shuffling mass begins to assemble and move in on the unsuspecting quietness.

They're Coming For You:
Is that your heart beating ? If it is you are obviously not frightened because the beating is steady and regular. Did you hear a strange sound ? Perhaps, but it's not enough to make you lose your cool.

Slight Miscalculation:
Now which way did she say to take for the Heliport ? I'm sure it was down here, but there is nothing in the vicinity. I double-back towards the Town Square from where comes sounds of life, at least I think they are sounds of life! Better check .... carefully!

Last Day To Live:
The drum beat has been replaced by regular piano chords, deep and mysterious. Folks are panicking. There are new folks in town, they look somewhat familiar, smell awful and are rather thin, pale and ugly. They certainly don't look well.

No Escape: (Previously on AXE GIANT cd)
Now I'm beginning to worry. The music loops round, persistent like the shamblers.

I Don't Think They're Dead:
Isn't that Lucy ? and Amy ? and Ned? Jonathan? Henry?  Didn't they die last year in the flooded river ? I don't think they're dead anymore!  Why is there eerie music playing in the background? Ominous!

The Town Square:
The Undead are milling towards the Town Square as if they are being manipulated. Perhaps the music is drawing them there? Nope I just turned the volume down and they are still a-coming. Let's search the stores for resources and aid. 

Zombie Master:
The music heralds the arrival of the power behind the Risen. Someone's pulling the strings and time is moving.

Raiding Todd's Tool Shop:
The music creaks and groans in time to our footsteps on the floorboards. As we enter Todd's store the tinkle of the doorbell makes us jump and alerts anyone or anything of our arrival. We search quickly, looking for anything that will help us against the rising dead and hurry us on our way to the helicopter; hope it's still there. Todd has left but his memory remains

Veiled Hunter:  (Previously on 13th HOUR cd)
When we play Zombies!!! we run towards them to collect the bounty (ie win by killing (re-killing?) and collecting them) so this track is appropriate to us, especially the heavy breathing (3 out of 4 of us have asthma).

Into the Abyss:
Nothing will stop the townsfolk as they rush headlong towards the helipad, meanwhile the brave march courageously, spurred on by this music, to stop the foul flow of the undead.

Alternate Food Source:
"Send in the Cows!" Okay that's a poor play on a great song but I had half expected to hear a Moo or  Bleat or perhaps a Miaow or Woof amongst the panic. You can almost hear the "brave" townsfolk pushing a stranger into the path of the horde with a cry of "Here, eat him, he's young and tender, plus he has brains"

The music suggests that we should run away, or hide, or deviate from our path, dodging the undead as they creep relentlessly towards us until we reach the waiting chopper and safety, or... oops! wrong way!

Adrenaline Rush:
The undulating sounds of an Aboriginal "wobble-board" raise the spirits, but the eerie tinkle of a plaintive triangle could be suggesting that the spirits being raised may not be those within you.

Dusk:   (Previously on VAMPYR cd)
It's an ill wind that blows the rotting smell of the undead throughout the town and towards you. The lights of the helipad glow in the distance, brightening as the evening approaches and darkness falls quickly, blackening the sky and silhouetting the town and the once human shapes continually ambling towards every new sound.

We're Screwed:
Unless I am totally misreading it, the title of this track doesn't tally with what I expected to hear; in fact to me this is more like the prelude to escape than the heralding of doom. One thing for sure is that on hearing this the end is nigh; one way or another.

Race to the Helipad:
Race, chase, helicopter safe. Stop for breath and wait for death. The rattling chains, the call for brains, the chopper starts, the beating hearts belie your presence. When the music's over, turn off the lights, it is the End!



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