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Game price: $40  Premiere: May/June 2021

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Welcome to Mandala Stones, a game of tranquility and beauty! Influence artists, positioning them cleverly on the main board, to form towers out of collected Stones. Then display them onto the mandala board at an opportune moment to score Victory Points.

You will find all the details about Mandala Stones below - long description, list of components, planned street date, and so on. It's a lot but I don't want to keep you in the dark anymore :) 
Oh, and one more thing: I'm glad I can say that we already have partners which will localize the game in the following languages: Spanish, French, Polish, and Dutch. More to come!

Game components:
96x Mandala Stones (ebonite)
4x Scoring markers
4x Player boards
4x Artist markers
1x Main board
1x Mandala board
10x Objective cards
4x Player aid cards
1x Cotton bag
4x 50 VP markers
1x Rulebook


Do you want to know more about the game flow?  ️Here is a link to the rulebook: Rulebook PDF

On your turn, you must perform one of two possible actions: PICK or SCORE.
Choose one Artist and move it to a different position on the board. Then, take all adjacent Stones that match the pattern of the Artist you selected and are not adjacent to any other Artists.
Collected Stones are gathered in towers on your player board, waiting to be scored on a future turn.
Decide whether to score a color or to score any top Stones.
When scoring a color, you must choose a colored shared by the top Stones of at least 2 towers on your player board. Their patterns do not matter, as long as the Stones themselves are of the same color. Score each such tower individually, according to the rule depicted next to it on your player board.
When using the option to score any top Stones, select any number of Stones from the tops of your towers and score 1 Victory Point for each selected Stone. The individual colors and patterns of these Stones do not matter.
All scored Stones, regardless of the option chosen, are placed on a central Mandala board, where you may score additional Victory Points by covering spaces with special markings.
If a Stone is placed on the Mandala board covering a space showing a number of hands equal to the number of players — finish the round, thus giving all players an equal number of turns. Finally, each player has the opportunity to score one of the two Bonus cards that were dealt to them during setup.
The player with the most Victory Points is the winner!
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