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LEGO DIMENSIONS EXPAND NO MORE!!!  This comes as both a shock and a surprise to me.

To begin with; the shock and sadness:  I love LEGO DIMENSIONS. It's a really good fun game made even better by the fact that you can put all different characters in situations that are well out of their regular world. I still remember running Slimer (from Ghostbusters) down the Yellow Brick Road and having Gandalf blasting around the Simpson's House.

Secondly, this announcement arrived in October, just TWO MONTHS before shopping for Christmas presents takes over the western world. I am not a businessman, that's patently obvious to anyone who knows or has met and chatted with me, but I can't believe that someone went into a Board Meeting at Warner Bros and said "Hey I got this great idea. As Christmas is coming up soon and everyone will be buying gifts for their kids, especially those with a PC or a games console, let's stop making Dimensions so they can go and buy something else" and the Board agreeing with him.

I could understand bringing out a Holiday Pack with the Easter Bunny, Santa, the Gingerbread Man and a Sleigh, Egg car and a Fox, especially for Christmas and then in February announcing the end of expansions for Dimensions if its sales aren't as required, but at least push it hard for Christmas - they can't do this now as it would be jumped on by the Fair-Play Peeps, unless they dropped the price and pushed it as an End of Line Sale.

So the News is, DIMENSIONS has been axed and I'm an unhappy bunny (Easter or otherwise). No more expansions like the Simpsons and Back to the Future (see below). The only good news is that, like Skylander figures that can be picked up in Charity Shops for 20p each, the Dimensions figures and packs will soon find themselves in the cheap sale baskets in supermarkets.



Thank you Warner Bros for LEGO DIMENSIONS. I for one will continue to enjoy it for a long, long, time to come.

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