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Teen Titans Go! Team Pack 71255: Found online between £28.00 - £30.00  
Choice of Spellbook of Azarath (which is what I built) Raven Wings or Giant Hand  and  T-Car, T-Plane or T-Forklift (which is what I preferred).

RAVEN (with Lightning)  and  BEAST BOY  (with Banana)


Teen Titans Fun Pack 71287: Starfire (figure) and T-Rocket (built)   £14.99
Choices were T-Rocket, Titan Robot or Robot Retriever


Starfire and T-Rocket

Powerpuff Girls  Fun Pack 71343:   £14.99                             Beetlejuice Fun Pack 71349:  £14.99


BUTTERCUP and  SLAMMIN' GUITAR  (choices were: Slammin' Guitar, Ka-Pow Cannon or Mega Blast Bot)


BEETLEJUICE and SPOOKY SPIDER (choices were: Saturn's Sandworm, Spooky Spider or Haunted Vacuum)

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