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LOKE BATTLE matS: TOWNS & TAVERNS set 2 (Volumes 1 & 2)


This exquisite 2 Battle mat book set (they are in a sleeve) allows role-playing adventure designers to create amazing visual mats for their players. These mats can be used just too illustrate what the player's characters are seeing, like a GM described-player drawn mat in a general pen & paper rpg, or they can be used with miniatures for the versions of role-playing which are more like combat based skirmish board war-games where magic spells and monsters are as at home as weapon-bearing human(oid)s, spacemen, knights, aliens, Hobbits or Dwarves etc.

Each book opens to a 24inch x 12inch scene (or two 12" x 12" pages that can be used separately or as one). If you place both books adjacent (one atop the other) to each other and open them the first pages will give a 24" square blank area on which you can create your own scenes or wipe-on/wipe-off mats using pens that are designed specifically not to leave marks.

NEVER use Sharpies or permanent markers. NEVER leave drawn lines on for a long time as the ink may eventually seep in and mark the mat pages even though they are well laminated. I haven't damaged LOKE mats in this way, and I am not saying they will, but some years ago I ruined a laminated board by not wiping the drawing off after the game had finished; next time I went to use the board the previous lines remained visible, thus better safe than sorry.


One of the wonderful things about this double-book set is that no matter which pages you turn to they always match up, wall to wall, path to passage etc. I have tried to show this in my photographs on this page. I literally laid both books lengthways adjacent and then randomly opened both books at different pages to take the pictures. 

Everything is symmetrical and in proportion without looking like wallpaper. You can pass from inside a building to its outside in ways that make perfect sense. The only thing missing are removable doors; but these are available in the ADD-ON SCENERY 'Dungeon Decorations' pack - Magic Madhouse, Travelling Man, Wayland Games and Chaos Cards being amongst UK online stores you can get these from.


Dungeon Decorations is a pack of 5 sheets of stickers that contain around 100 various reusable plastic stickers. These you peel off from the backing sheet (be careful as they are very thin and the backing paper often wants to come along for the ride) and placed carefully in position on the Battle mat being used.

When finished you can leave them on the mat or return them to the backing sheet just by (again carefully) lifting them up and peeling them off. The amazing thing is that while they are in place on a mat they stay there until you want to move them; they cannot be accidentally moved.

  £8.00 - £10.00

I peeled off quite a few from the WAR & SIEGE set I have (slightly disappointingly this only has 80+ stickers for about the same price) and positioned them on the blank mat pages for photographic reason, allowing them to be seen easily. I even 'squashed' a couple of dead Knight units under some pieces burning equipment and they stayed in place.

The artwork for the mat books is splendid, often having a 3D effect-style. This makes using them with miniatures (I use 20mm-25mm but 15mm would be equally at home on them) even more visual. Unfortunately the ultra thin, flatness of the stickers loses this 3D effect. They do still do a great job, allowing Role-Playing Story-Tellers to create even better representations of their adventure game mats to aid the players.


Each book contains a massive forty 12 inch x 12 inch pages (including inside back & front covers) allowing the adventure creator to design their Towns and Villages by sections that can easily and quickly be returned to should the characters decide to go back to buildings or areas they have previously visited. If you think this is going to be likely, due to the nature of the scenario for example, then I suggest you leave any descriptive stickers in place on those mat pages until the game/session is over.


Floorplans for wargame skirmishes, miniature battles and role-play adventures etc. have been available for many years, and always come in variations of layout facsimiles and visual attraction. They also often use different methods of determining measurements for room sizes, character's movement abilities, size of items and equipment; LOKE BATTLE MATS use the simple and most effective one-inch squares lightly overlaid on the terrain or building etc.


The books are designed to be used together to create 2ft x 4ft (table-size) mats and apart from 2 double-pages in each book (the plain off-white squares and the plain stone floor squares) all of the pages are different. 

The two MAT books have pages of Streets & Alleys, Taverns, Inns and insides of Buildings, Waterfronts and Docks and more, all ready to be explored.

The WAR & SIEGE Add-On stickers have Walls, Barricades, Casualties (dead knights) War Machines (some whole some burning or destroyed) plus Camp sites (tents),  Bed rolls and Statues.

These books are compatible with the BIG BOOK of BATTLE MATS and the GIANT BOOK of BATTLE MATS, at least when you compare the overlaid one-inch squares; all books have the same size of movement/action squares. However, to use the three types together requires a reasonable amount of pre-game time for setting them up and also the possible covering of unwanted protruding edges with some plain paper - it's doable.

Having all your game mats in a couple of books is fantastic for when you travel to play. There are no loose papers to mislay or forget as the books are spiral bound and designed to be used without removing any pages. They are revolutionary and of great value to role-playing adventure writing Game-Masters.



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