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Dreaming of far-off goals: Holiday maturity with puzzles from Schmidt Spiele ® 

Berlin, September 2018. This year's summer has spoiled us with numerous hours of sunshine and fantastic temperatures. So slowly, the warm season is coming to an end, the days are getting shorter and the sun soon disappears. Many people are afraid even before the upcoming season, because we do not seem to be used to the gray in gray after this summer. If you can not make the next few months into a long-awaited vacation, you should at least be able to dream of exciting destinations. With puzzles by Schmidt Spiele ®We distract ourselves from bad weather this fall and winter and escape in thoughts of white sand beaches under palm trees or in exciting metropolises. With a little patience and without suitcases or plane tickets, the following puzzles will take you around the world. 

Panoramapuzzle „Tokoriki Island Sunset — Mamanuca Islands, Fiji“

White sand beaches, turquoise waters, lying in a hammock and a cocktail in hand. This is how you can imagine the scenery of the puzzle "Tokoriki Island Sunset - Mamanuca Islands, Fiji". The sky over the South Sea presents itself in the most beautiful colors while the sun disappears on the horizon. For this picture, not even the more than twenty-hour flight has to be taken. The Schmidt Spiele ® puzzle is challenging with 1000 parts, but the final panoramic picture rewards one with the picturesque beach landscape of the South Seas paradise Fiji.   

Puzzle "View over the Amalfi Coast"

For those who are too far away from the exotic Fiji Islands, Schmidt Spiele has numerous puzzles with equally picturesque European goals in store. One of the most popular of these travel destinations is the Amalfi Coast in the south of Italy. With its breathtaking architecture and lemon groves along the crystal-clear bays of the Mediterranean Sea, the Italian coastal region attracts thousands of visitors each year. Italy fans get the Dolce Vita with the Schmidt games puzzle "View over the Amalfi Coast" directly into the living room. 

Puzzle "Taj Mahal"

With as many as 1000 pieces of the puzzle, this puzzle challenges all the travel lovers who prefer architecture to beaches and shorelines. The famous Indian building, with its dome and white marble minarets, captivates every observer. Puzzle fans get a glimpse of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, otherwise only available to early risers, with this Schmidt Games Puzzle. Immersed in the light of the rising sun, the Taj Mahal enchants even as a puzzle with rich colors and a new dream destination.  

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