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Gobbit, Morning's bestselling game! 

Gobbit was co-published by OldChap and Morning and released in April 2016. Gobbit is a family game from age 6 and up. The gameplay is based on the food chain, inviting the players to attack their opponents' cards whilst defending their own.

Today, Gobbit is Morning's best selling game, perfectly representing the know-how of the publisher thanks to the innovative and easily transportable packaging. Morning also made a point to be able to offer an accessible game to the public with beautiful illustrations that correspond with the dynamics of the gameplay.


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An addictive card game with easy rules

"Gobbit, the slap & grab food chain game!" is the slogan for this simple and intuitivegame that even young children won't have any difficulty learning; for 2-8 players the game has a steady pace and lasts for around 15 minutes making it a perfect party game for the family or an evening with friends.

The game is based on the foodchain: The snakes eat the chameleons and the chameleons eat the flies. This order is followed throughout the game with the animals of the same colour hunting each other.

By revealing a card, the player temporarily assumes the role of the animal on the card in front of him. Players will then need to show off their dazzling reflexes while escaping unharmed: to attack a card of defend one's own, the players have to tap said cards with their hand! The first one to touch the card wins it! 


An Independent Toy Award-winning game!

In September 2016 Gobbit won the bronze medal of the Independent Toy Awards in the card games category.

The Independent Toy Award is British prize awarded by a network of more than 900 independent toy retailers that reward all types of companies operating in the toy industry.

The winners are elected by vote, allowing companies from all walks of life to win the prize. Each year, four types of medals are awarded according to different categories of the games.

About Morning

The Morning adventure started in 2011 in a Toulouse student bedroom, when three friends decided to take their  first steps into the board game market. 

This dream was realised after the discovery of a promising prototype that 2 years of hard work would transform into their very  first game published in its own right.

For nearly 5 years now we have chosen our games with love and attention: mechanics, packaging, illustrations, world building... Nothing is left to chance by our team at Morning, whose motto could be "conviviality, innovation, quality".

As a fast growing company, Morning has recently been integrated into the French Tech Pass, a national program to support rapidly growing companies by major players in business development such as Bpifrance, DGE, Business France, Coface, Inpi, PSAC And AFIC.  


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