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An excerpt from Ulsfrottnir. 
"Freydis whipped her sleek blade up from low guard and snapped it into Snarok’s armoured wrist, a quick, half-powered blocking move that simply positioned itself without cutting. Snarok rolled his weapon about the outside and over, but Freydis stepped left and pushed hard on the point, sending it straight into Snarok’s throat. It stopped inert on the chewy leather of the gorget. The blades energy had left it. Snarok’s big left fist then gripped Ravensclaw, capturing it hopelessly, and the Oid’s huge dark eyes became menace filled as he leered towards her, enjoying every moment as his great spotted banana-slug tongue edged closer to her tender young lips.

Freydis jammed her armoured knee high. Right into Snarok’s balls. His entire face looked like it was about to explode. She send another in, a double shock wave, and another - until he finally let go of the blade and reeled backwards with his cleaver waving about to create some sort of anarchic cover as he gathered his senses..." 

Let me introduce the Glofeyne World Wiki. There's a LOT of great AD&D stuff here, all of it original and not from anywhere else. But please, read the landing page and perhaps the Odysseus G. Osborne page. Enjoy.

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