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This is a fairly long and complex game with rules that take too much reconstructing to make it playable from the box.

Anyone reading the original Games Gazette Online review will know that we played it eventually but struggled drastically with interpretation and deliberation of the rules.

Baccum have recently released a revised version of the rules in .pdf format. My limited IT skills have currently prevented me from copying that .pdf to the GGO site but I
will keep experimenting until I get it right - at the moment I can only link it to my desktop which is no use if my PC is turned off or I change/tidy my desktop. Therefore
here is the link to the revised rules via the excellent  As long as you sign up to BGG, which is free to do, you can download the rules from there and
print them off on your home or office printer.

My thanks to Baccum for sending me the .pdf and my thanks to BGG for being there whenever anyone in the boardgame community needs help.

Now you can enjoy GENERALSHIP in all of its glory, have fun.

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