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●       Secretlab launches updated versions of the flagship OMEGA and sporty THRONE lines

●       The new OMEGA receives new facelift and upgrades to overall construction, armrests, hydraulic piston and lumbar back pillow

●       The THRONE receives its most dramatic overhaul to date—an aesthetic refinement, in addition to a construction upgrade. The THRONE’s new, more modern form, makes it more adaptable to either the office or home.

●       Both models will be available at a special price during the launch period.

LONDON, NOV 17, 2017—International gaming chair manufacturer Secretlab ( today launched new versions of their OMEGA and THRONE chairs, featuring facelifts and upgrades to chairs’ materials and construction. Both product lines boast design upgrades to the form and overall style—allowing for better support and making them a better fit for offices and homes alike.

“When we floated the idea of redesigning our flagship OMEGA and the ever-popular THRONE, our closest advisors said we were crazy. Why change something that isn’t broken? But better materials and manufacturing processes are now available, so it’d be irresponsible to our customers if we don’t continue innovating and refining useful features,” said Ian Ang, Managing Director and co-founder of Secretlab.


The OMEGA 2018



share a number of similar upgrades to their construction.

Improved inner cushioning: The OMEGA 2018 and THRONE 2018 feature improvements to the build of the inner cushioning—made from Secretlab’s signature cold-cure foam—which now allows for better and more even distribution of the user’s weight throughout the entire seat.

Memory foam lumbar pillow: Memory foam was first developed by NASA and will now come equipped with the OMEGA 2018 and THRONE 2018 in the form of a brand new lumbar pillow. While the pillow that comes with each model differs slightly, each has been designed to mold to the user’s body—evenly distributing body weight—to provide support to your lower back while sitting in either chair.

Upgraded armrests: The armrests also feature a design upgrade—not only is it wider and more spacious, it is also contoured to be more ergonomically sensible, enabling comfortable and effortless use in a further expanded variety of ways. Its surface material has been improved as well to be more comfortable for elbows to be anchored on.

Piston: Adjustments have also been made to the hydraulic piston to better suit a wider range of user heights. This ensures that more users will be able to sit with their feet planted solidly on the ground preventing the possibility of  poor blood circulation to the lower body.


The OMEGA 2018 receives a facelift that now gives it a defined, modern and classy look. The impetus behind the upgrade isn’t for looks alone but to provide improved support for the user.

The most notable change is in the evolution of the form of the backrest wings, now more prominent and lower, and designed to reduce stress on the shoulders and back.

The OMEGA, Secretlab’s flagship product, was designed and crafted to provide the best comfort and support for the user’s back. The chair is padded with a thick layer of cold-cured foam—which is predominantly found in automobile seats—made to contain well-placed air pockets to relieve the pressure off the user’s back and is made to retain its shape for years.

The chair is also upholstered in stain-resistant and durable PRIME PU leather.

The OMEGA 2018 retains the multi-functional tilt mechanism, which allows users to tilt the base of the chair backwards while also being able to adjust and lock the backrest to get the most desired and comfortable position.

The OMEGA 2018 will retail at £400.00, but will be available at a special price of £279.00.00 during launch


Gone are the aggressive stripes running down the body of the THRONE that were a staple of its first two editions. The THRONE 2018 is refreshed with refined, solid colours, similar to its bigger brothers, but will continue to feature more vibrant and distinct colours (red, purple) for its sportier users.

In addition, the traditional bucket seat form has been completely overhauled—the two slots found at the headrest and typical shape has been shed. In its place is a futuristic more modern design that will be a natural fit in most office spaces, home study rooms or gaming setups.

The THRONE 2018 retails at £350.00, but will also get a special launch price of £249.00.


Secretlab was founded in 2015, and the Singapore-based gaming chair manufacturer has since expanded worldwide, priding itself on its high-quality products, great customer service and fair price. How? By always going direct—never through a middleman—which allows it to maintain quality and service standards, while transferring cost savings to the customer.

At Secretlab, there is a chair for everyone, with its three product lines: the Throne 2018, the OMEGA 2018 and the TITAN. Each is tailored for a different user, for the ultimate seating experience.

Secretlab products are currently available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and Indonesia, and from today, Canada.

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