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Two of the most respected illuminaries of modern day tabletop games playing have recently passed from us, leaving this world to travel on the next adventure into the Realm of Peace and Forever gaming that we all hope for, eventually.

These last few weeks have seen us lose Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo and Richard H Berg of so many historical and wonderful war-games

 Rick Loomis  (August 24, 1946 – August 23, 2019) 

Think of Rick and you think Flying Buffalo, Tunnels & Trolls, Nuclear War, Nuclear Escalation and Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps

Many of you may not have known Rick, I only knew him from speaking with him at conventions such as GenCon US and although I was never a great customer of his he always had time for a chat. He loved his games but he loved the people who played them more, a true people-person-gamer-gentleman.

 Richard H Berg (1943 – July 26, 2019)

The chances are if you have played tabletop war-games over the past Nth years then you will have played a Richard H Berg game.
Below I have 'cheated' and copied the list of games Richard designed or co-designed, they are many and marvelous and some surprisingly are not war-games.

13: The Colonies in Revolt (S&T-TSR)       

1862 (SD)

1863 (GMT)

A Famous Victory (MiH)

A Gleam of Bayonets (SPI-TSR)

Across the Rappahannock (GMT)

Africanus (GMT, 1994)

Alesia (GMT, 2004)

Ancient World, Rise of the Roman Republic (GMT)

Attila (GMT)

Baton Rouge (S&T-3W)

Battle for North Africa (GMT)

The Battles of Waterloo (GMT)

Birth of a Nation (3W)

Bitter Victory (BSO)

Blackbeard (Avalon Hill)

Bloody April (SPI)

Borodino (GMT)

BSO Football (BSO)

Caesar in Alexandria (GMT, 2001)

Caesar: The Conquest of Gaul (GMT, 1998)

The Campaign for North Africa (SPI)

Caratacus (GMT)

Carolina Rebels (BSO)

Carthage (GMT)

Cataphract (GMT)

Chancellorsville (Clash of Arms)

Chicken of the Sea (GPG)

Confederate Rails (BSO)

Conquistador (SPI, AH)

The Conquerors (SPI)

Constantinople (SPI)

Consul for Rome (GMT, 1992)

Corinth (SPI)

The Crusades (SPI)

Dead of Winter (SD)

The Desert Fox (SPI)

Devil's Horsemen (BSO)

Devil's Horsemen (GMT)

Diadochoi (GMT, 1995)

Dictator (GMT, 1995)

Dillinger (BSO)

Druid (West End Games, 1984)

East-West (BSO)

Fields of Glory (MiH)

First Blood (SD)

Flintlock: Black Powder, Cold Steel Vol.1(Lock 'n Load, 2009)

Gergovia (GMT, 2007)

Geronimo (Avalon Hill)

Glory (GMT)

Gondor: The Siege of Minas Tirith (SPI)

The Great Battles of Alexander (GMT)

The Great Battles of Julius Caesar (GMT)

Greek Tragedy (BSO)

Gringo (GMT)

The Guns of Cedar Creek (SD)

Hastings, 1066 (S&T-TSR)

Highlander (BSO)

Hooker and Lee (SPI)

The Horse Soldiers (S&T-3W)

Juggernaut (GMT)

Jugurtha (GMT, 1998)

Julius Caesar (TSR-SPI)

June 6 (GMT)

Kingdom for a Horse (BSO)

The Last Crusade (BSO)

The Last Raid (BSO)

Las Batallas de los Gringos (BSO)

Les Pyramides (Vae Victis)

Line of Fire (BSO)

Lion of the North (GMT)

Longbow (BSO)

Louisiana Tigers (BSO)

Mamluk (GMT)

Manchu (S&T-3W)

The Marlborough Man (BSO)

Medieval (GMT)

Men of Iron (GMT)

Murfreesboro (Yaquinto)

Nero (Phalanx)

Pax Romana (GMT)

Phalanx (GMT)

The Prince (Phalanx)

Pyrrhic Victory (GMT, 1993)

Rebel Sabers (SPI-TSR)

Red Badge of Courage (GMT)

Rio Grande (S&T/DG)

Risorgimento 1859 (GMT)

River of Death (GMT)

Rivoli 1797 (Vae Victis)

Rough & Ready (S&T/Decision)

Salamis (GMT)

Samurai (GMT)

Shiloh (West End Games)

Shogun Triumphant (XTR)


Simon Says (BSO)

Simple GBoH (GMT)

Soldiers of the Queen (S&T-TSR)

South Mountain (West End Games)

SPI Baseball (SPI)

SPI Football (SPI)

SPQR (GMT, 1992)

Successors (AH)

Suleiman the Magnificent (ATO)

Terrible Swift Sword (1st ed., SPI; 2nd ed., TSR)

The Three Days of Gettysburg (GMT)

Triumph & Glory (GMT)

Turning Point (BSO)

Tyrant (GMT)

Veni, Vidi, Vici (GMT)

Vera Cruz (SPI)

War Elephant (GMT, 1992)

War Galley (GMT)

War of the Rebellion (DG)

The War of the Ring (SPI)

Waterloo (Phalanx)

Zama (BSO)

Zulu! (BSO)

Zurich, 1799 (Vae Victis)


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