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Important P500 Auto-Charge Process Improvements

(from Gene at GMT) Hi everyone! 

Mitch and our programmers have been working hard to streamline various aspects of your online P500 experience. This past week, we made a significant modification and improvement to the way our system handles our P500 auto-charges - and specifically - what happens when a card is declined during the auto-charge process.

Because of both some transition problems with corrupted credit cards and our unfortunate email problems over the past year, we had a large number of credit cards declined during our P500 auto-charges in the 2nd half of 2018. That part of the issue has been addressed and improved greatly now, and as customers are getting their card information updated on our site, we are seeing a huge decrease in the percentage of cards that are declined each time we charge for a P500 item. So that's all good.

The part of the process that has been an ongoing problem, though, is the notification and user-control of the process once a card has been declined during the auto-charge. That's the part we're improving in this update.

The New Process When a P500 Auto Charge is Declined or Fails for any reason:

Beginning with tomorrow's auto charge and from now on, here's what the new process will look like:

1. If our automatic P500 charge fails for any reason, you will receive an email directing you to log into the GMT website (, go to your account, and update your credit card payment information. 

2. After you've updated your card details, go to the "P500 Orders" tab under your account, and choose the “Re-charge” link next to the affected order to complete the transaction. Please see the  image below (note this is just a sample page from our testing). 

When you click "Recharge," that will charge your game order, and that completes the process. No checking with the office folks, no further action needed.

Note that this "Recharge" functionality will only show up on your order status for any order that failed to go through on our auto charge and is still in "Charging" or "Shipping" Status.

Please also note that if for some reason you don't notice that you need to use Recharge until the game is already in "Shipping" status (and the P500 price has changed to the retail price), you'll want to talk with the office folks instead of using the Recharge functionality in order to get the P500 price, as the system pricing will have already been updated to retail. 

Why is This Such an Important Improvement? 

Because a) it gives us a way around the "failed email notification" problem and b) it puts you in control of handling the timing of the recharge in our secure website environment. So basically, from now on, even if you are one of the customers who is still not getting our auto email notifications when a P500 game is charged, you can know the status of your order with a quick check of your account on our site. Whenever you see a game you've ordered in the "Charging" section of the P500 page and you haven't gotten a charge on your account within a day or two, just go right into your account on our site. If there's a RECHARGE button next to the game that is charging, go update your credit card and then hit Recharge and that'll take care of it. 

I hope you find these improvements helpful.

P500 Auto Charges Beginning Tomorrow, February 4:
So this week, on February 4, 5, and 6, I will charge for these three items (one per day):

The Age of Iron & Rust (ToC Expansion)
Time of Crisis, 2nd Printing
Time of Crisis 3" Deep Game Box 
That's all for now. I'll send the full February customer update, with an updated production outlook and some new P500 additions in a couple weeks. Thanks, as always, for your support of GMT Games and our P500 program.

Enjoy the games!

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