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The Road Forward

Hello players of Pathfinder Online! Lisa here, with a sizeable update and roadmap into the future.

As many of you recall from my last address, I had hired an electronic game agent to look at the game and then come back to me with their recommendations. After spending almost a month analyzing the game, they presented me with their results. There was good and bad news given in this briefing. The bad news was that they didn’t feel that there were any large MMO companies that would be willing to put large sums of money into finishing the game. However, they felt that the game as implemented with the addition of some of the missing features would fill a niche in the marketplace quite nicely and felt that there was upside there for a more indie type company. They presented me with a list of companies for whom that might be a nice fit and I gave them permission to pursue talking to them.

But their biggest recommendation to me was to just finish the game myself. They felt there was a sizeable upside for Paizo. I was very hesitant to do this at first, but was determined to see what it might take financially to realize their vision. After doing some analysis I decided that it was time to not sit on the sidelines anymore waiting for a white knight to swoop in. Instead, I am committing to a one year timeline to finish off the following list of features that will finish out a feature set that I feel represents the game well. At that point, we will move the game out of Early Enrollment and hopefully be able to expand our staff and continue to add to the game as we always planned to.

To be perfectly upfront, we are going to have a very small team working on these features. Cole and Bob are onboard along with myself to bring these across the finish line. Because we have this small, scrappy team, we aren’t aiming to compete with the AAA MMOs of the world. Rather, we will be more of an indie MMO aiming at providing a fun and engaging game to a more niche market.

While creating the following list of features to work on, I had a number of factors to consider.

Bob, Cole and I then sat down with a pretty exhaustive list of things we would like to do and we debated how we could accomplish them and how long it would take. We only have a limited amount of both time and labor, so we had to look for the biggest bang for the buck.

The end result of that debate is the roadmap below. We have worked to provide a release schedule and an idea of the timing of each release to provide you with a clearer path about when you might expect new things to enter the game. As always, we will be crowdforging those features as we start to work on them to glean the experiences of the players.

To get this work done on time and on budget, we are going to need to be laser focused. It is going to take a gargantuan effort by this team. But with your support and continued input, we believe that it can be done. We have set up our roadmap so that it has some flex time where we will try to get more done than is represented on the map below. Many of these additional things will be related to various Kickstarter perks. Others are fun things that we would like to see added to the game but aren’t essential.

Of course, finishing out the feature set is only one half of the equation. We need quite a few more people playing the game for all of this to work. Thankfully, I have various marketing efforts planned that will bring in tens of thousands of people to try out the game. I just need to make sure that when I kick those plans into effect, that the game is to a point where they will have the best chance of sticking and becoming regular players. We aren’t at that point yet and it may take a half year or more before I am ready to bring a lot more players. But I wanted you to know that it will be coming as part of this takeover of the game by Paizo.

We felt that you needed this update and this roadmap. You have been so supportive of this game without any clear idea of what was going to get done, if ever, and heck, even if the game was going to survive another month. Well, those times of uncertainty are over.

Again, I would like to thank you for your support and encouragement over the past years. I hope to make you proud to be a supporter of this game.

-Lisa Stevens

Paizo Inc.


May 2017: EE 12

More Meaningful Territorial Control

Opt-In PvP

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July 2017: EE 13

New Daily Activities

Story Quest for New Players

Gathering/Hauling Improvements

Settlement Improvements

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September 2017: EE 14


New Escalation

Auction House and Vault Improvements

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November 2017: EE 15

Upgradable Settlement Structures

Claim Tickets

Core Rulebook


January 2018: EE 16


Social Companies

Holiday Activities

Odds and Ends


March 2018: OE

Polish, Polish, Polish


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