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It is now just 100 Days until UK Games Expo.

The plans for UKGE 2018 are exciting and coming together well.

We already have 300+ exhibitors booked with more booking each day and have had to add 5000 sqm of exhibition space in Hall 2 to the existing 14000 sqm in Hall 1.

There are thousands of seats in a variety of boardgamecard and miniaturestournaments and a RPG schedule with over 200 different games. Provision for open gaming has at least doubled.

We have a host of live entertainment options to choose from.

We plan to release our seminar schedule (sponsored by GPI) on 1st March as well as the Publisher-Designer Track (sponsored by Cartamundi) and the application process for Wyvern's Lair and other activities.

UKGE runs the UK's and maybe the world's largest Bring and Buy (sponsored by Travelling Man) and to help you store all your gaming purchases a Shop and Drop (sponsored by Games Quest).

Keep your eyes on our social media, website and newsletter for all the details to come. It's going to be epic!

To buy your entry tickets click here...

A big thanks to our sponsors

The planning of the UK Games Expo and ability to provide so much fun would not be possible without the generous support of our Major Sponsors, Catan Studio, Warcradle Studio and Games Workshop as well as our associate sponsors CGE, Geeknsons, Greater Than Games, Osprey Games and Paizo.

Finding a Hotel Room

With thousands of you attending UK Games Expo hotel rooms are in great demand and in some cases that drives up prices. To help you find a decent hotel not too far away we have a useful tool on our accommodation page. This helps you find rooms at a good price. For example today you can find rooms at less than £80 a night within 20 minutes drive or train journey from the NEC. You don't need to get caught out without a bed for the night and don't need to pay the earth either.

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