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Meeting the needs of sophisticated gamers! Enter Displate - a modern canvas of the 21st century that elevates art to the next level.

Make your home even geekier with elegant, sturdy, and collectible metal posters that will last for years.
Posters are cool and all, but they deteriorate so easily. Paper is fragile, you know? After a few years, the once beautiful imagery that made your room special may fade away like the save files on your old memory card . Your posters become a husk of the former pieces of art with bland colours and barely visible outlines.
Fear not, fellow gamer! We’ve got you covered. Our team of world-class engineers and scientists has finally discovered a better solution for people like you. Kickass quality that might blow your mind and melt your eyes.* (*not actually, but yes, it’s unbelievably pretty).
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Enter Displate. A modern, metal canvas for everyone’s home, that elevates artworks to a whole new level of visual quality. Such vivid colors and extreme level of detail is simply not possible to achieve with paper. And let’s not forget the nice texture that just begs you to touch it and feel the art. Each Displate is handmade, finely detailed, and carefully packaged. It even gets a certificate of authenticity!
Geek cave, living room, office - our innovative metal posters will look astounding, wherever you might want to hang them. Make your home unique and change the look of your walls at will. Thanks to the magnetic mounting system, you can share Displates with your friends, exchange them between rooms, or just make quick rearrangements at will. No power tools required.
Displates come in three different sizes with a matte or gloss finish. You can also add a nice frame if you prefer a more classical look of the artwork in your home.
We’re proud to work with many different game development studios and publishers directly, which makes Displates an official product for various IPs such as The Witcher 3: Wild HuntCyberpunk 2077The Elder ScrollsDishonoredHitmanWorld of Tanks or Disco Elysium. Non-gaming geeks will also find some cool Displates that will suit their needs, whether you’re MarvelDC or Star Wars fan!
We’re also pumped to work closely with thousands of artists, creators, photographers, and graphic designers who set up their Displate stores on our website, selling their artworks, photos, or designs. Those involve many artists popular among gamers, like Jakub RozalskiMikael Aguirre, or Gal Barkan. We’ve got more than 1.3 million artworks in our database so every geek, gamer, or just anyone who enjoys modern art will surely find something that will catch their eye.
We’re especially happy with the collaboration with VaatiVidya, a YouTuber with more than 1.8 million subscribers who creates comprehensive and deeply lore-oriented videos on soulsborne genre of games. His official artwork creatively merges the worlds of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro into one, beautiful landscape that just begs to be displayed on every FromSoftware fan’s wall. This particular Displate is also our best-selling product in the history of our company. If you want to see this poster “live” check Vaati’s video below and consider watching it till the end to feel the true soulsborne magic.

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