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Digital PC version of Tainted Grail


Since the last time we have shown you the game in December it have change A LOT! There was a lot of great feedbacl from you guys and we have implemented so much from it! 

Last few months were quite crazy for digital team, they really put in the effort to make this game an amazing experience for you all. Here are some of the things that were enhanced:

Huge visual map upgrade

Re-designed combat system

More voice overs

Combat in full 3D, including character management screens and animations

Whole new rougelike mode – Tainted Grail:  Conquest

 Reforged chapter 1 of campaign mode!  

Digital team have embodied all the values that we drive ourselves in creating Board Games and we are so proud of their effort! They put in extremely hard work, there was no cutting corners. They were working with community (Hey Discord team! :D) and constantly looking through feedback. Most of all, they were driven by passion to create an amazing experience in one of a kind universe of Tainted Grail. 

Now, we are really proud to invite you guys to play the Early Access - you will not spoil yourself the Board Game story, don't worry! 

Just take a look yourself how awesome the game is looking now! And this is just visual layer, there is so much more great story and gameplay out there too!

Aaand a Conquest story trailer ;)


There are a lot of cool stuff there and we hope that you will be able to find a lot of cool Easter eggs or broader Tainted Grail lore, that will give you more information about Avalon and its dark secrets! 

How to get access? 

As promised, all backers with at least Core Box Pledge (or TG Digital) will get a Steam Code. You already should recieve yours via email in December, but we will send another round of emails right after this update just to be sure! ;) 

How to get the game? 

1) If you already claimed your Steam code in December, just update the game with newest patch and...well... have fun! 

2) If you heaven, look for an email in inbox of your Kickstarter mail address! Then proceed with the instruction in it and claim your code! 

3) If you did not get your email - please open up a ticket and our Customer Service will help you! ;)

We really hope that you guys will enjoy! And if you do, please remember to leave a review at Steam - it will REALLY help us and keep the team motivated! 

You can see STEAM profile HERE!

As always, thanks for everything - without you, we were not be able to do any of that. This is it for this small surprise update and in about 2 weeks we will get a regular update with the status of all the other things, such us: Lang versions 1st wave is coming; Production start of 2nd wave; Companion app development and more! ;) 

Take care! 

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