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SpongeBob is reeeaaadddyyyyy, are you? Gen Con Online starts this Thursday, July 30th and runs through Sunday, August 2nd, and we'd love to see you there! Badges are FREE this year, and you can attend from the comfort of your own home, so let's make this the biggest Gen Con yet!

We will be releasing our newest Fluxx, SpongeBob Fluxx, as a Gen Con release at the show. You can pick it up along with hundreds of other Gen Con releases at the Gen Con online store, or you can grab it from your local game store. SpongeBob Fluxx is simple and silly and adorable, just like SpongeBob himself. And you'll get a collectible coin and seven extra cards as well!

Once you've grabbed your new releases, you'll want to check out the events... there are over 6,000 of them, so you'll have plenty to choose from! Whether you want to play a game, chat with a designer, watch a livestream of the Board Game Geek crew showing off the new offerings, or participate in a Pandemic tournament, Gen Con Online has got you covered.

And in between all your events, please stop by and see us at our "booth" in the Looking Glass. There you will find this schedule of Looney Labs events. Only one made it into the official Gen Con Online schedule, but we've got lots of opportunities to talk to the Looneys, learn a new game, or grab an autograph.

Do you really want to attend, but you're not sure about the technology involved? Not to worry... it's all free, takes little time to set up, and the folks at Gen Con have got an entire video tutorial series for you. See you there!

Although our website is always a work in progress, we've made some significant advances in the last month, and have a few more things planned as well!

First, Andy has created SIXTY new pages related to the Looney Pyramid system! You will now find a Home Page, information about the Meta Rules of the system as well as the Rules for each of 54 featured games for the system, Equipment details, a History of the system, and a page dedicated to the Community of players. Whew! He's been busy! And so has Alison, who helped him with layout, and quite a few fans in the Starship Captains Facebook group who helped find pictures and other information. Congratulations, everyone... you made a thing of beauty, and we thank you for your help!

Next came an update to the Our Games page. We now have images of each game, with links to more information. You can see all the games alphabetically, or divided by type of game, or you can just look at the current best sellers. Nice work, Kristin and Craig! A thing of beauty!

Next, Andy also built a new landing page to tell all about Fluxx! This page replaces the old FluxxGames page and is an excellent place to point folks to if they want to know what Fluxx is.

We still have one more update Craig is working on. We're not sure if we can pull it off, so we'll keep it secret for now, but we're hoping it will be a beautiful upgrade to our home page in the near future!








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