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"Fleeing from the ultimate catastrophe and a deadly enemy, the Director and the crew of a miraculous Discovery starship hurtle across space seeking other civilisations that they might save from certain destruction.

Colin Wheeler, the author, was a regular on the UK and European games convention circuit for many years. When he 'retired' he set off on a new journey via a Bicycle Shop and now he has put so much of his experience of role-playing gaming into this exciting trilogy of science & fantasy fiction. His first book is available from many book sellers including Amazon UK

"The primitive, backward planet of Rega becomes the setting for a daring and far-reaching experiment. The benign, but alien, Eldorans are about to alter the destiny of an entire world. But why?
............ Only time will tell."

The above extracts are similar to the wording on the cover of the first book in the trilogy. The Coming (Past Imperfect) They have been carefully echoed to induce the reader to want more without actually spilling any beans about the true plot.

The first book is published in paperback and 'e' format by Olympia Publishers, and is being distributed to the general book trade, Amazon etc. Retail price is £11.99 for the paperback.

Reviews and more information and news about the next two books will be added to this page when available. Please continue to check back from the link on the GGO front page.

Colin Wheeler is a friend and a well known and liked personality in the UK games world especially. GGO has no association to his books and received no fees or royalties for this advertisment. This is a friend (me) doing a friend (Colin) a favour because I believe that anyone who puts the time into writing one book, let alone a trilogy, deserves his friends to rally around and support him.

It would be great to help Colin become a major force in the UK Science Fiction/Fantasy world of gripping adventure tales. Click on one of the links to find out more about THE COMING by Colin Wheeler

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