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November 14th 2019

GMT games designer Chad Jensen passed after cancer finally defeated him in battle

Chad was married to Kai and lived in Santa Rosa California.

He was a prolific game designer, especially at GMT, with games like Dominant Species and the Combat Commander series two of his most loved, played, and respected designs.


I never met Chad so I cannot write a fitting epitaph.I only knew the man through the genius of his creations, but from all I have read online he was one of the good ones, well loved throughout the games industry, and will be sorely missed by all whose path he crossed, who he worked with and those who played his games.

Death may be inevitable for us all but life should be long and enjoyed, it should not be cut short in its prime. Our thoughts and best wishes go to Kai, their family, GMT, all friends and everyone who knew Chad or whose life he affected.

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