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Escape the Dark Castle Companon App is Live

Designed to blend with and enhance the tabletop experience, now you can track your prisoners’ stats in style with the Escape the Dark Castle companion app, featuring atmospheric sound and animation.

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Sitting alongside your character card, the companion app offers the following features:

• Track your Prisoner HP

Brutal heavyweight shackles represent your prisoners current HP. Press and drag to see the chain-links glow and rattle as you adjust your HP, while a tension building heartbeat increases in speed as you draw closer to death!

• Record your Plague Level

The Plague menu allows you to keep track of your plague level using tally marks as directed by the game rules. When you pass a Plague Threshold an animation is triggered - automatically adjusting your HP on the shackles.

• Manage Companions

When Companions enter the game, select them via the Companions drop-down menu, where you can adjust their HP and trigger their special abilities to mirror their in-game actions.

• Solo or Local Multiplayer

You can play a 2-prisoner solo game on one smartphone, or Host a game which up to three other players can Join using their own devices. During hosted games, all player’s prisoner names and HP levels are displayed in real time on each device, and you will phase in and out of the different game states together as a group for maximum atmospheric connectivity.

• Pass the virtual ‘YOU’ token

Tap on the YOU icon and a list of your fellow prisoners will be displayed. Choose who to pass the token to and you’ll hear a heavy metallic sound on that players' device as the token lands with them!

• Access Digital Rules and FAQ

Via the Settings menu you can access browser-based searchable digital rules and FAQ to help you get quick clarifications during play without hunting through the physical rule book.

• Connected Soundtrack

The settings menu also has links to the atmospheric ETDC soundtrack on Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp – meaning you can easily play it in the background, combining with the SFX from this app for full immersion into your dark adventure.

• Free Integrated Death Book!

When your prisoner dies, enter the code of the card which finished you off and the app will display your doom – a contextual death scene to read aloud and bring full narrative closure to the story. The Death Book is normally sold separately for £9.99 but is included and integrated here for free!

Download for Android   Download for iPhone  

Please note:

-A copy of the Escape the Dark Castle board game is required to use this application.

-This is a smartphone application compatible with Android 10 onwards and iOS 11 onwards

-An internet connection is required to use the network features of this application.

-This application is limited to one user per device.

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