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Last year MAGE Company started working on new sleeves sizes which will be added to the current premium sleeves line of MAGE.  We have added new sleeves types and sizes in the Standard and Non Standard categories. You will notice that all new sizes are in Pre-Order mode (check the image below). Among our newest sizes are sleeves for Middara, Cmon Games, Zombicide character cards, Etherfields, Scythe, FFG Games, Tiny Epic Games, 7th Continent, Gloomhaven, Necromunda, Bloodbowl, and all Games Workshop titles.


Azure Matte               Brown Matte                 Orange Matte                  Pink Matte

Purple Matte              Red Matte                     White Matte                    Yellow Matte


The premium soft sleeves are a new category to the MCG premium sleeves line. These sleeves are 60 micron, each pack includes 100 sleeves, the price is lower from the common sleeves and the quality is still high. The standard sleeves sizes will be also available in Soft type.

Mini American Soft Sleeves                 Mini Euro Soft Sleeves       Standard Euro Soft Sleeves

Standard Card Game Soft Sleeves        Standard American Soft Sleeves


Over 35 additional different sizes will be available aside the matte, soft and standard line. You can pre-order the sleeves you want and 1-2 weeks before we stock we will send you email to proceed the order. You can send us email at for any request you may have. At the moment MAGE has in stock the standard sleeve sizes, several matte sleeves and some specials sizes for Kingdom Death. 

Detailed Articles:

SLEEVES by GAME:  Go to this site and either Sign In or Sign Up for DROPBOX to download the list for future reference. You can view it without downloading it but it is better to save it if you can. Here are a couple of examples:
Mini Square Sleeves: 51mm x 51mm PINK are for games such as: Kingdom Death Monster, Raid and Trade, 12 Realms , Scoville and more.

Mini Rectangular Sleeves: 44mm x 66mm YELLOW are perfect for the half-sized standard cards used in games like CRUSADER KINGS (Free League/Paradox)

The GREEN pack of Standard card game sized sleeves 66mm x 91mm are the most popular for the majority of games I have in my collection where card play is the main mechanic and thus the cards suffer the bulk of useage, The larger cards in CRUSADER KINGS  fit these sleeves perfectly as do the SHARDS of INFINITY (Ultra-Pro), MAGIC the GATHERING (wotC/Hasbro) and LEGENDARY (Upper Deck) etc


The RED pack of 'American' Standard sized sleeves 60mm x 92mm are excellent to keep your older card games, such as Mayfair's STATION MASTER, from additional wear & tear, but newer games, like CURIOS from AEG use the Green Standard pack. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere in the not-too-distant-future the game publishers in the UK, USA and Europe decide on standard sizes for playing cards, one size (large) fits all needs and one size (small) takes care of the others.

Previously card sleeve companies have wanted to charge way too much for their protective sleeves which meant a €50.00 could cost you as much as €70.00 - €75.00 if you wanted to protect your cards. These sleeves from MAGE Company have a far better user-friendly price with the most useful Green pack of 50 Standard sleeves costing just €2.50. Now I know that many games publishers who have cards in their games prefer to have 55 cards per game (somethimes 60) because of the print costs. Much less than 55 and there is wasted card that still has to be paid for, and going over 60 cards used to mean that another plate had to be made, again putting production costs up.

MAGE Co has a very large range of custom sizes for non-standard cards but even these 'odd' sizes cost only around €4.00 - €4.50 for 50. I, personally, suspect the custom sizes are for older games and as I state above I don't think it will be long before Standard sizes are used by all publishers.

These sleeves appear to be seamless pockets. There are no sealed, seared or crinkled edges and the plastic used is extremely clear and strong, and unless you deliberately fold one and squeeze it hard it is also unlikely to leave a crease. I have used these in recent games with good results. The deck size does increase in depth, naturally, but not to a point where the cards slip and slide all over the place or the deck depth cannot be successfully maintained. The only damage we have encountered to the sleeves is when we tried to slot a game card into a BLACK 'Euro Standard' sleeve and the fit was so tight the sleeve split down the side like a razor blade through rice paper.

Seeing as many card games use either a standard deck of 52 playing cards or the game number 60 (always a universal favourite because 1-5 players can always receive an equal number of cards) the decision to make these sleeves in packs of 50 does somewhat baffle me, even at the low retail price. Doing the maths you need to buy 6 packs (300 sleeves) to be able to service 5 games that use the generally accepted 60 card decks without having loose sleeves left over.

The BIG LIGHT BLUE 73mm x 73mm square sleeves are not large enough for games that use 80mm x 80mm square cards, such as NOCTURION from Vesuvius Media for example; you would need the Rainbow coloured 80mm x 80mm


Whatever games you play, if there are cards involved then card sleeves from MAGE COMPANY are a great option.

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