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Every good story starts with a hero

Pegasus Games Launches Two New Book Series

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Friedberg, March 13, 2017: In March, published Pegasus Games two Shadowrun novels and two games comics, each of which forms the first in a new series. With the novels successful RPG series is Shadowrun expanded action-packed stories from now on. And with the new games comics readers can determine the course of action itself. Further volumes are in preparation for both rows.

The bleak future of Shadowrun is in March to the scene of the first two novels. Judging Kincaid tells of the former battle magicians and Cop Kincaid, who comes from an environment of poverty and corruption ghetto, he still calls home. And although he himself has experienced in his life too much and is burned out, he tried to protect them from violence and crime, the residents of his home. When encrypted data it played into the hands, would kill for the other, the events roll over.

The second novel, A simple job , brings another runner in distress. What initially sounds like a simple job, developing for Qatar Hawke to disaster. A student is taken away from an excavation site one thing cold killer who suddenly both try to kill another one. Apparently, the young student has discovered more than its good for. Hawke must establish not only a team, he has to take an important decision. He remains faithful to his principles?

The new games comic books are a mixture of game and comic. Readers decide as protagonists of the story, how it goes. You experience this series of missions, must solve tricky puzzles. Here, each band has a different story and provides the reader with new challenges. The beginning of the series to make two games comic books on the subject Knight and Sherlock Holmes.

In Ritter three brothers head out to exchange the simple life as a farmer against the glorious life of a knight. But the training is not so easy as imagined. On the young warriors have some exciting adventures and challenging puzzles but the knighthood is the reward for all the efforts. With witty illustrations of the game Comic fans not only the funny bone, but told in a very gracious way a fantastic story in which the reader become a hero.

As many as four cases have in the second games Cartoon Sherlock Holmes be solved. In the best detective-style here numerous references must be found and puzzles to crack. Not only the cases offer a variety of entertainment, the reader can also decide whether they want to experience as a master detective Sherlock Holmes or his faithful companion Dr. Watson adventures.

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