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Have you ever tried to explain a modern day board game to someone who has been brought up thinking that board games are for kids, geeks and nerds, or that they are just family affairs where players roll dice and move metal pieces around the outside track of a colourful board, doing whatever it says on the space landed on ?

Well Kendra Bruning and her husband have spent a lot of time designing the best possible way of explaining all types of different game genres to anyone who is interested in learning about the great boardgames hobby. Click on the picture below to travel to their website and discover a new way to approach the playing and explaining of many and varied board game types.

Exploring the Different Types of Board Games + REAL Examples (2018)


The board game industry has exploded. There are hundreds of new board games popping up all the time. You only need to look at Kickstarter or any crowdfunding website to see the rabid popularity. It can be a bit overwhelming.

What happened to the good ol’ days where families sat around the dinner table for a friendly game of Monopoly, shortly followed by a table flip and screaming match because Kendra never trades the green properties…?


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