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This has to be the quickest and easiest review I have written in the 40+ years of reviewing I have enjoyed.

For around £16.00 you get a 135mm x 135mm x 25mm box which contains a plastic custom insert that holds
4 pieces of shaped black plastic that fit on the Right and Left Triggers of regular PS4 controllers, like a ladies
false nails that slip over the existing nail and are held on with a little adhesive - in this tiny squares of double
sided tape.

The Trigger Stops will clip on and stay in place without the tape, as long as you don't use the triggers; as soon as
you pull them towards you they flip off - embarrassing when you are in the middle of a combat action.

The Clips extend the length of the triggers making them more comfortable to use and surprisingly a lot more responsive,
just remember that you don't have to pull quite so hard when using them.


They are excellent for games like "Red Dead Redemption 2" on the PS4 where you want to be quite quick, as well as accurate,
with your use of the controller.


Pic 1. Shows 2 controllers, 1 with Trigger Stops     Peel the tape from the backing plastic by the red tab, then stick the tape into
and one without.                                                       the Stop's recess and remove the red backing.


Each box has 2 sets of Clips so make sure you sort them into actual pairs - yes there are specific left & right pieces - before using
the tape to attach them. It is only a miniscule piece of sticky tape but it is very strong and refuses to come away once stuck, other
than by accident of course.

The left photo (below) shows a controller with one Trigger Stop. The next photo shows a controller with 2 Stops in position.


If you try these and like them then it is probably a good idea, once you have used them enough so that the tape loses its stickiness and
the stops begin to come away, to take off the stops, clean the tape off and use a tiny spot of super-glue, making sure you get none on
the actual Trigger Stops, to hold them firmly in place. The supplied tape should last for casual use, but regular hard playing will probably
need the touch of glue.

Since writing this I have played many more hours using these clips and the sticky tape definitely doesn't last the test of time. For the hours
spent using them for review they were great, and each person here who tried them really liked the extra flexibility. So yesterday in the morning
and again in the late evening I played PODE and Red Dead Redemption 2 until the early hours and I ended the evening leaving the controllers
aside after spotting the clips with the aforementioned, but extra strong, superglue.

I still feel a little apprehensive when using them even after the gluing, because I tend to get a little excited as the action hots up and then it isn't
hard pulling of the clips it is the sudden jerking, particularly if the end of my finger is close to the end of the clip, that causes the possibility of problems. 
My advice is to use the superglue option without bothering to try the clip-on or the sticky-backed plastic option, go straight to the glue and be
done with it.

Apparently you can also get a single pair of Rubber Grips for console controllers from Bionix for around £15.00 the pair. For 2 controllers
you would need two boxes of Grips but only one box of Trigger Stops.


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