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CHRISTMAS is coming and this new batch of games from RAVENSBURGER could be just what you are looking for if you need that special gift to make your holiday even more fun and enjoyable


Autumn time is a game time - no matter if for children, families and adults or frequent players.Here are the new games are made by Ravensburger: 

For children we have "Stoopido" , "My first fishing game" , "Splish Splash Penguin" , which can be played in the dark, "Safe Breaker" and "Spinner Challenge" in the program , 
Waiting for families and adults "The Mummies of the Pharaoh" , the all-new "Make 'n' Break"and "Make 'n' Break Extreme" and the card "Emoji Twist" and "  "The castles of Burgundy dice" . 


Glubschaugen, Piraten-Dreispitz and pink pussy-ears: 
How crazy it looks! Well, the dear fellow players cliff their neighbors as many mask parts on the glasses. 
If you miss something, decide the dice and the reaction speed of the players, because no one wants to end up with the Stoopido losing shield. 
For 2 - 4 players from 6 years , approx. 25 Euro in trade, ET June 2017 

My first fishing game
In the toddler version of the classic skill game, the fish in the aquarium are made of fluffy fabric. Thanks to the Velcro lure on the fabric fishing rod, small hands are even able to fizzle the soft underwater inhabitants. Who catches most fish without waking the sleeping seahorse? Fishing is a fun activity for every catch. Four varied game ideas lead two to four children from two years on to first rules, strengthen the team spirit and promote motor skills and coordination. 
For 2 - 4 players from 2 years , approx. 20 euros in the trade, ET September 2017 


Safe Breaker
A smart tip for clever agents: Who is the first to crack the electronic safe code? After each spin, the players identify with the fingerprint scanner and hear an encrypted note using their espionage equipment. 
These must combine the agents wisely to collect valuable coins and diamonds. Unless the alarm goes off ... 
For 2 - 4 players from 6 years , with electronic safe, approx. 35 Euro in trade, ET September 2017 


Plitsch Platsch Penguin
Now the iceberg is shining in the dark! Whether in daylight or at night, when the mountain glimmers in the mysterious polar light:
Everyone is trying to put his penguins on the slippery ice floes. But hardly anyone stands, a whole series of others pours back into the pool! What a fun, until all the penguins are on the table - and a fascinating experience, even in the dark. 
For 2 - 4 players from 4 years , approx. 32 Euro in the trade, ET September 2017 

 Spinner Challenge - Who has the idea?

Here up to four colorful spinners swirl around at the same time: On noses, pointing fingers, pencils, mobile phones. Hardly a subterfuge, young spin-masters in 15 time-challenges is crazy enough to be able to prove the fingertip sensation and the right turn. Anyone who circling his spinner the longest can collect the coveted order cards. In five skill challenges, true professionals show their skills when the gyroscopes change quickly from one hand to the other, jump into the air or pass under the leg - always turning, of course. 
For 2 - 4 players from 6 years , approx. 20 Euro in the trade, ET October 2017 

 The mummies of Pharaoh

The mummies are gone! The task of the players is to bring "The Mummies of the Pharaoh" back to their burial chambers and to find their pets. The animals are not only hidden, but wander through a double ground under the pyramids. Who can shine with a good memory in the successor of the successful family play "The Dissipated Pharaoh" and win the victory in the Wüstensand? Includes an exciting Solovariante for a player. 
For 1 to 4 players, starting from 8 years , by Gunter Baars, about 30 Euro, 
ET September 2017

Make, n 'Break
In the new Make, n 'Break from Ravensburger, two players always build together and the composition of the construction teams change in every round. Only one can win! The building map shows which figure is made up of the ten different colored blocks and the new fun cube decides how the two players have to proceed: once they can only use one finger, sometimes the players have to split: the one may only the horizontal stones build, the other the vertically depicted stones. An exciting challenge for large and small builders from eight years. 
For 2 to 4 players, starting from 8 years , by Andrew and Jack Lawson, about 31 Euro, ET September 2017

Make, n 'Break Extreme
At Make, n 'Break Extreme, the players place ten differently shaped stones together into quite different structures - as always under time pressure. Two players build together, with the constellation changing in each round. The construction card and the dice show how the two players have to deal with it: it is time to memorize the building and recreate it from the memory. Sometimes the building map remains visible, but both players are allowed to move the blocks only with their weaker hands. Those who show the best of combination and spatial thinking gain the action game for the whole family. 
For 2 to 4 players, starting from 8 years , by Andrew and Jack Lawson, about 31 Euro, ET September 2017

Card games / The brisk little ones

Emoji Twist

"Emoji Twist" demands concentration, reaction and a keen eye. Twenty-one cards are swarming with different emoticons. The gyro specifies which symbol is searched. How many smileys are accurate? The fastest way to pick the right number of cards is to pick up the most points. 
For 2 to 6 players, from 8 years , by Arno Steinwender, approx. 13 Euro, ET July 2017

What connects the big Einstein with a small dog? Clearly, the outstretched tongue! In "facecards", each player forms related pairs. You can choose from crazy photos of people, animals and objects. Afterwards, you are typed, which the other players have assigned. For true guess, there are points - true to the motto "Who clever spins, wins!" 
For 3 to 8 players, 10 years and over , Leo Colovini, approx. 13 Euro, ET September 2017

The Castles of Burgundy Dice game
The popular strategy classic is now available as a fast dice game for two, even with a solo variant. As influential landlords in the Loire valley of the 15th century, the players are doing everything they can to make their principality flourish through deliberate trade and change. 
In doing so, dice combinations give the action possibilities, but the decisions ultimately take the players. Whether commodity trade or livestock, whether urban development or religion, many different paths lead to prosperity and prestige. Whoever has the most victory points wins the game. 
For 1 to 5 players, from 10 years, from Stefan Feld and Christian Toussaint, approx. 13 Euro, ET August 2017

Anniversary editions
"In the Year of the Dragon" and "Notre Dame" were released in 2007 for the first time at alea. For the 10-year anniversary, there are new editions of both games in three-language editions in German, English and French, which contain all previous extensions. 

In the Year of the Dragon
Two to five players slip into the role of wise provincial princes. They try to master as best they can the unfortunate events that they visit every month. Who leads his province to the greatest prestige and becomes the most successful prince in the year of the dragon? An extraordinary strategy game for those who are looking for a long-lasting, challenging challenge. 
For 2 to 5 players, from 12 years, by Stefan Feld, approx. 35 Euro, ET Jan. 2017 

Notre Dame
Paris, in the late 14th century. In the shadow of the all-towering cathedral "Notre Dame", two to five players compete for the supremacy in the city. They use their cards wisely and bribe the right people on their unstoppable path. A varied strategy game in which many different possibilities lead to a deserved victory. 
For 2 to 5 players, from 10 years, by Stefan Feld, approx. 35 Euro, ET Jan. 2017

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