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What if the alien invaders from H.G. Wells' classic SF novel met the flying machines of the Knights of the Air of World War 1?

The War Continues...

Posted by Ares Games (Creator) 

People of the Earth,  the war continues!

Not the war against the tripods, which must still begin (in fact, it begins this weekend, at Salute, in London, with the participation game at table GC 11, hosted by the Shadow Warriors using final production components we provided).

It's the war against the last little, but annoying, QC issues which are delaying these final days of the assembly.

In our previous update, we let you know we had rejected the Damage Counter cloth bags for quality control issues, and that a new delivery was scheduled for Friday, March 29th. However, this second batch of mass-produced cloth bag was rejected a second time by QC.As I always say - we cannot compromise on quality. We cannot ship a product we know doesn't match our approved standard.So. we switched the production to a new cloth bag supplier, and we will have a new batch of cloth bags delivered next week. First samples we got are good, and we want to be optimistic the mass production, this time, will also be good.

This issue does not affect the boxes packed inside the "Invasion" box (which are already well-protected by the box itself). Only those in "normal" shipping cartons are affected, but many of you have add-ons, and they could be affected if not properly protected. 

At the moment, we foresee to have the production of the new bags completed next week, and we are taking steps to prepare all for the assembly and final packing to be as smooth as possible.

We will continue to keep you updated as soon as we get additional news - possibly, better ones.

Thanks for your continued support and patience,



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