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The world’s leading gaming chair brand, AndaSeat, has today announced the launch of their newest gaming chair addition, the Jungle 2.

Featuring a new retractable footrest, ergonomic design for optimal comfort and luxurious fabrication, the Jungle 2 is the ultimate seat to provide comfort and support for long workdays and all-night gaming sessions.


To celebrate the launch, AndaSeat is offering a 10% early bird discount on the Jungle 2 series available to UK, US and EU based-customers. 

 AndaSeat launches Jungle 2 series chair

The world’s leading gaming chair brand’s newest addition, the Jungle 2 offers consumers a hybrid office and gaming chair

Professional seating specialists, AndaSeat, are excited to announce the launch of their newest addition, the Jungle 2 Series chair. The ultimate seat for both the home office user and gamer, the Jungle 2 features a new extendable footrest and will be available for preorder on the official AndaSeat Website with delivery expected in November. 

Following the immense popularity from the first AndaSeat Jungle series, the Jungle 2 chair series has upgraded its user experience with improvements to its fabric as well as the addition of a footrest for enhanced relaxation. The chair is designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience, whether it's used for long, competitive gaming sessions, or for busy work days.

Founded from a love and passion for gaming and race car seats, AndaSeat has been developing and creating the world's highest quality gaming seats since 2007. Identifying that many gamers are suffering from low-quality and expensive chairs, the AndaSeat team was inspired by the latest technology on ergonomics and solid structures building and began building their own specialized laboratories to run multiple tests and studies to develop the perfect and healthiest gaming chairs.  

After 10 years of studying and research, the AD+ Design was invented. AD+ Design focuses on an integral part of the design of the chair, the chair’s manufacturing, the users’ postures and motions, as well as the distance & space between the human body and each part of the chair. This has resulted in taking gaming to the next level by improving the gamers posture, taking the burden off their back and delivering ease and comfort for long and hard gaming sessions.

Applying the latest tech of ergonomics and utilizing years of expertise within the industry, AndaSeat has developed it’s AD+ Design within the new chair, which works to counter sedentary fatigue, improve posture and alleviate discomfort. The Jungle 2 features a brand new velvet AD+ footrest, which can be folded away to save space. The seat is also fitted with DuraXtraAD+ Leather and EverSoftAD+ Linen, making the chair resistant to scratches and stains. With both TitanSteelAD+ Framework and AD+ Moulded Foam implemented in the fabrication, this new hybrid office and gaming chair is designed to ensure stability and durability.

The Jungle 2 Series Office Chair is available for pre-order on the AndaSeat Website and delivery is expected for the 15th of November.

Consumers can buy using the early bird 10% off discount now:

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About AndaSeat

Founded in 2007 and with a history of manufacturing racing car seats for BMW and Mercedes Benz, AndaSeat is the exclusive chair sponsor of China national football team and national volleyball team, making AndaSeat an indispensable brand in sport.

As esports has been a growing industry, AndaSeat shifted towards gaming chairs, offering players and video games industry professionals a healthy and comfortable playing experience thanks to their know-how with sports seats. AndaSeat has now become the world's leading gaming chair supplier.


AndaSeat’s range of products are deemed and recognized by professionals of the video game industry, and they are the chair of choice for many esports teams such as Fnatic, LGD, Navi Esports, Victorious Gaming, Victory Five and OMG. We’ve also collaborated with EXCEL, Chief, Buriram United Esport, WLGaming Esports, Marvel, Ubisoft and Hasbro etc.

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