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Announcing The Drowning Land, an upcoming novel by David M. Donachie

Available January 2021 from CAAB Publishing

The Drowning Land is a historical fantasy set eight thousand years in the past, in Doggerland, the country that now lies under the North Sea. Follow the story of Edan the Fisher, and Tara seer of the Troll People, as they search for a way to save the Summer Lands from the inexorable rising of the sea. Can they find a way to undo the doom that Tara has forseen, or does their salvation lie with Phelan, master of the wolf clan taboo-breakers?

Set in the mesolithic (the transition between the ancient stone age and the rise of farming), The Drowning Land explores the destruction of the landscape by the rising sea, and the different ways in which its people respond. Some die, some flee, some become the first settlers of the British Isles.

The setting of the novel is based on real history - the land (Doggerland) that once filled the channel really was destroyed in a tidal wave, and current archeological knowledge has been used wherever possible in the setting - but the book is at heart a fantasy adventure, complete with Trolls, Monsters and visionary magic, suitable for teens and adults alike.
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