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Game Designers Get Ready!

Pegasus Spiele is happy to announce that the first Pegasus Designer Days in 2021 will take place 27 to 29 January. For the third time, the company invites game designers around the world to present their game ideas to the Pegasus Spiele editorial team via an online web conference. Registration is open now through 10 January. Pegasus Designer Days will be part of the Pegasus Spiele Kickoff Days (27-30 January 2021). In addition to further German events for retailers, press representatives, and the gaming community during Pegasus Spiele Kickoff Days, there will also be the Vendor Days (27-29 January 2021) in English.

After the great success of Pegasus Designer Days in the Spring and Fall of 2020, the third event will take place from 27 to 29 January 2021. Pegasus Spiele again offers designers the opportunity to present their game ideas online to the Pegasus Spiele editorial team. Additionally, freelance editor Claudia Geigenmüller will be on hand to evaluate Children’s Games, while the editorial team of the newly founded publisher Deep Print Games will especially be happy to look at complex strategy games. During the video conferences, designers have ten minutes per game idea to enthrall the editors. In the following weeks, the editors will provide feedback on each game presented. If the idea convinces the team, a playable prototype should be sent promptly. This will then be tested extensively for weeks. After that, the designers will receive further feedback – and possibly an offer for publication at Pegasus Spiele.

Registration is open from now through 10 January, and interested designers can sign up to register up to two game ideas. Please note that the registration by itself does not guarantee a meeting appointment and that the number of attendees is limited. Invited participants will receive a response e-mail with the time for their appointment and a link for a Zoom video conference. The link below includes the registration page plus additional information for the event:

The upcoming Designer Days will be part of the first Pegasus Spiele Kickoff Days. Due to cancelled trade shows, from 27 - 29 January 2021 Pegasus Spiele also invites suppliers and vendors to meet the company‘s purchasing team virtually and present themselves and their portfolio. There will also be German events for retailers, press representatives, and the gaming community. Further information is at

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