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Scavengers 3D printing miniatures Wargame

My name is Manoel Garcia and I am the founder of Voxelhouse, a game/art studio. For years I had the opportunity to play several well-known titles (the list is huge) to amuse myself enough. I also had the influence of big electronic titles, and then I started to develop a system of my own for a few years now.

“One more system ...” you are thinking this way, I say this because it is what pops my head right now. There are so many systems today in the market, right? Lots of commercial and lots of free stuff that you get lost in so many options. But anyway I decided to launch the system because I have some things in my head that I would like to share with everyone. It is the desire of the creator of anything to expose the public to their work and so I decided to do this.

Scavengers is a game that passes in a world different from ours, with a mixture of magic, steampunk, and lots of history. I did not mention it, but I love writing, and during this time I designed the system, I wrote a lot of lore that I intend to put together with the game, My native language is not English but Portuguese (I was born in Portugal) and I’m translating / Locating all this material for English.

The link for download is:

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