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TINKERTOWN is a multi-player Sandbox game from HEADUP the developers/publishers.

You control a character who has access to a Shovel, a Sword, a Pick-Axe and more which you use to build your own Village.

Review based on: Beta:

You cut down trees, bushes etc, chop stone and fight off Goblins and other Creatures as you build small huts to begin with, eventually leading up to Town Houses and a Castle to overlook your domain.

Goblins and other humanoid creatures generally only attack you if you get too close to them, but once the fight begins they only stop when they or you are defeated.

TINKERTOWN is a game about building and survival. Items you can use are shown in a numbered inventory box across the top (near top) of the screen. Press the number key to select the item required - it automatically appears in your character's hand/s.

My opinions:
TINKERTOWN is a retro game. Pixellated to the point of almost not being able to recognise people and objects (like Minecraft only much smaller) with movement via the tried and tested WASD method of keyboard control.

When something approaches you or you stand in front of something you can use whatever tool/weapon you have in (left click) hand/inventory. Click on or move onto whatever is left behind after your 'combat' action/s. You will also collect recipes for building - use these with resources collected.

The basics are move fast, collect as much as you can by hitting everything and anything you can - a red X is shown when you cannot destroy/fight something - and whatever you do DON'T go in the water - you melt!

When your Hit Points drop to zero (you can see how this is going by the green lifeline bar) you are beaten and you pop up back at your save spot ready to go again. You move orthoganally but can fight in all directions including diagonally. 

TINKERTOWN is a little bit like a sandbox version of Pac-Man as although there are many colourful trees and flowers etc that look like you can pass them by, many of them actually form alleys and passages similar to the Pac-Passages. Creatures follow you like Pac-Villains and are often relentless.

TINKERTOWN is bright and colourful and moody - the screen colours emit atmosphere. It has more action than many so-called 'action' games and a good amount of fast-gameplay. The main thing going for it is that it is challenging, even for the best open-platform-style gamer, and never boring.

I, as any regular of GGO knows, am not a great fan of retro games, I really don't enjoy playing games that employ 40 year-old graphics but I also know that many players do like olde-style effects and for these players TINKERTOWN has all they could possibly require - resource gathering, item collecting, fighting, building and open-style adventuring etc.

I understand the amount of work that goes into producing a computer game, but at £13.99 this doesn't compare to many of the available games for the STEAM media, not even the free ones.


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