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RAGE in PEACE  (Steam)

Made using UNITY and published by Toge, Rolling Glory Jam and Monkey Melody it is recommended that players use headphones and a game-pad controller - there is no mouse / cursor or mouse button control, just a very few keys such as [Space] and [Esc]


This is a crazy side-scroller with you in charge of a weird looking young man, Timmy Malinu. Timmy has a bucket-shaped head with red (blood ?) tears streaming from the eye-holes to the sides of his chin. Why ? I have yet to discover.

One day the GRIM REAPER, complete with Scythe and a skull perched on his head at a jaunty angle, visits Timmy and tells him that today is the day of his [Timmy] death. However the Grim Reaper has no idea of the time this will happen, only that Timmy's head will be detached from his shoulders at sometime within the next 15 hours. Naturally Timmy isn't happy about this as he always thought he would die peacefully in his bed wearing his PJs. So this game is about getting Timmy through all the trials, tribulations and attempts to kill him as he goes through the day until it is time for him to go to bed and die peacefully and happily. Weird game, weird looking young man, I'm beginning to think there's something weird about this whole thing.


At the start of the game there is a 'PRO TIP' and that is 'Don't Die!'. Great advice but unfortunately the first step I take kills me, as do the second and third steps. In fact there are so many things that will kill you, on the floor, in the air, hanging from the ceiling, you cannot move safely until you have planned your route and you can only plan your route by trial and error. There is a well-worn phrase that suits RAGE in PEACE to a 'T' - Wash, Rinse, Repeat, and that is what this game is all about. The 'Wash' is where you Locate the puzzle (mostly by dying), then you 'Rinse' ie Dodge the puzzle and then you 'Repeat' Locate the next puzzle and die again. Of course by 'puzzle' I mean 'Death'.


The graphics are very comic-style, in fact weirdly (there's that word again) apart from the subject matter (the Grim Reaper and heads being cut off etc) it somehow reminds me of the 'Casper the Ghost' comic books of yesteryear. The action is pretty straightforward; use the Arrow keys and a couple of others to run and jump your way through the linear path set out before you. You can get a quick overview of the game from this short YouTube Video


Timmy is at work in the office when the Grim Reaper calls. With just a possible 15 hours left in his life Timmy has to negotiate his way home to his bed and the end of his nearly 30 years of life.


Timmy is a very ordinary man, despite his appearance, and the game is a sort of sad reflection on all that ordinariness and the boring nine-to-five life he has led. It isn't a great game by any means, it's not exciting or that thoughtfully creative in its action but it is poignant and heartfelt, and for whatever reason (I struggle to actually think of a single good one) I ended up caring for Timmy and feeling for his lack of anything in his life. That he should be chosen to die by losing his head is a reflection on how he has led his life, cut off from society and only work to prevent him spending every day in his lonely apartment thinking of a peaceful death.


Truly weird, unusual and disturbingly pathetic, Timmy has wormed his way into my brain and I want him to defy the Grim Reaper and live a longer life and above all to keep his head.





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