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Spellbreak is the latest Battle Royale game in a long line. It has all the key features you have come to expect from said games, fast gameplay, cross-play against other battlemages across PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and take your character, progress, customizations, and more to any of those platforms at any time, an item shop full of skins to make your experience prettier (and your wallet a little lighter). Unlike many of the other BR games currently on the market, Spellbreak is limited to 42 players in teams of 3, duos or solo , when i first realised this I figured I would have time to gear up before being blasted away by a 12 year old, but no, even with the quite sizeable map I manage to run into other BattleMages all the time and at no point does it seem empty.


When you start a game, you get to decide which class you will start as for the match (Frostborn, Conduit, Pyromancer, Toxicologist, Stoneshaper, or Tempest) this is the class you will gain experience for as you play that game. When you enter the lobby you can run, jump, levitate, shoot and gather loot as you do in the game, the controls seem well organised and quite intuitive, playing on XBone i found the default layout right for me. The match starts, you decide as a group where you will land, and go for it. Falling from the sky at a rapid pace i was hitting all the buttons to try to deploy a chute, or slow my seemingly terminal descent, but no, you are a BattleMage and as such can land without fall damage! The first thing you will want to do is collect a second magic gauntlet (the focus of your power) so you can combine spell effects from two different schools of magic, just playing around with different combos i have found fire is great, it ignites toxic clouds, melts ice into boiling steam and creates fiery tornadoes.


Another BR standard is the chest/cache/box that you can find upgrades and items in, and again, Spellbreak does not let you down. Each character, as well as being able to harness the power of two magic gauntlets, can also carry one rune, an ability that allows you to teleport, fly, move more quickly etc along with a belt which allows you to use armour potions, boots that affect movement speed and an amulet which increases your mana (ammo for spells). All these items, including gauntlets, come in a variety of rarieties from common to legendary, with each tier being better, lasting longer, or providing more of a benfit than the last.


Proletariats site for the game promises - The fractured battleground of the Hollow Lands is just the beginning of your adventure in the greater world of Primdal. New chapter updates will reveal more of the deep, rich lore behind this powerful place and its people - that the land will be an ever evolving one, maybe this means new maps, new areas added to the map or maybe something completely new? As long as new content is added regularly, I am looking forward to many more adventures in the land of Primdal!


Gauntlet Combinations...



Fireballs + Ice Puddles: Fireballs melt Ice Puddles upon contact, making Steam Puddles.

Fireball + Toxic Cloud/Toxic Puddles: Fireballs ignite Toxic Clouds into explosions of Dragonfire that deal significant damage over 2 ticks.

Fireball + Boulderfall: Fireballs can be used to ignite Boulders, creating Meteors that explode and create Flame Puddles upon impact.

Fireball + Tornado: Fireballs that clip the AOE pull of Tornado will have their flightpath altered significantly, while those that hit Tornado directly will set it ablaze and create a Fire Tornado that burns while pulling players.

Flamewall/Flame Puddles + Toxic Shots: Flame Puddles and Flamewalls, when struck by Toxic Shots, become Dragonfire that deals substantial damage upon contact.

Flamewall/Flame Puddles + Shockwave: Shockwaves that pass through Flame Puddles or Flamewalls ignite, leaving a Fire Trail that creates Flame Puddles with the Shockwave.



Ice Lance + Flame Wall/Flame Puddles: Ice Lance shots will extinguish any Flame Wall unit or Flame Puddle.
Ice Lance + Fireball: Both Ice Lances and Fireballs will cancel each other out on contact, creating Steam.
Ice Lance + Toxic Cloud: Getting hit directly by an Ice Lance will freeze a Toxic Cloud into a large Ice Block that can be electrified or exploded.
Ice Lance + Boulderfall: Boulders hit with an Ice Lance will become icebergs that explode and leave Ice Mist upon impact.


Ice/Water/Steam Puddles + Lightning: Ice, Water, or Steam puddles hit by lightning are electrified, creating small AOE Shocks that stuns players.


Shockwave + Ice Puddles/Blocks: Shockwave will shatter Ice Puddles and Ice Blocks, creating Ice Mists.
Shockwave + Flamewall/Flame Puddles: Shockwaves can be ignited by Flame Puddles or Flamewalls to produce a Fire Trail that creates Flame Puddles as it travels.
Boulderfall + Ice Bolt/Flash Freeze: Boulders hit by Ice Bolts or that pass through a Flash Freeze will become Icebergs that explode and leave Ice Mist upon impact.
Boulderfall + Fireball: Boulders hit by Fireballs become Meteors that explode and create a large flame puddle upon impact.
Boulderfall + Wind Shear: Wind Shears can slow/speeds up a Boulder upon contact, allowing players to extend or reduce the range of the skill.


Tornado + Ice Lance: Tornado’s pull effect significantly alters the trajectory of Ice Lance, allowing it to be used either defensively or as a way of creating a “trick shot” that arcs like a curveball. Tornado can also be used to clear ice and water puddles.
Tornado + Lightning Bolt: When hit directly by a lightning bolt, Tornado will become a Lightning Tornado that continuously shocks players within its pull zone.
Tornado + Fireball: Similar to Ice Lance, Fireballs are affected by the pull of Tornado and will have their flightpath altered significantly when clipping the pull’s AOE. When popped with a direct hit by a fireball, however, it becomes a Fire Tornado that burns continuously while pulling enemies towards the center.
Tornado + Toxic Spray: Like Ice Lance and Fireball, Toxic Spray’s projectiles are also pulled by Tornado. However, due to its limited range, you won’t be pulling any trick shots with Toxic Spray and a Tornado. If hit directly, you get a Toxic Whirlwind that inflicts Corrosion on players.
Toxic Whirlwind + Fire/Fire Tornado + Toxic Spray: A Fire Tornado or Toxic Whirlwind that is toxified or ignited will explode vertically, dealing significant damage and extinguishing the skill.
Tornado + Boulderfall: Tornado pulls Boulderfall like any other physical projectile.
Wind Shear + Lightning: Wind Shears that pass through Lightning afflict players with Shock.
Wind Shear + Flames/Flame Walls: Wind Shears can be used to extinguish Flame Walls and Flame Puddles.
Wind Shear + Fireballs/Toxic Cloud Projectiles: Wind Shears are dissipated by fireballs and Toxic Cloud Projectiles and slightly deflect them from their original flightpath.
Wind Shear + Toxic Cloud: Successive Wind Shears can be used to dissipate an existing Toxic Cloud.
Wind Shear + Toxic: Wind Shears passing through Toxic will afflict targets with Corrosion.
Wind Shear + Boulderfall: Wind Shears can be used to slow, speed up, or alter the flightpath of a Boulderfall projectile depending on the angle it is struck. This can be exploited to increase (or decrease) the effective range of Boulderfall.


Toxic Spray + Ice Puddles: Toxic Spray projectiles will convert normal Ice Puddles into Toxic Puddles that not only last longer but slow movement speed and deal DoT.
Toxic Spray + Flash Freeze: When passing through a Flash Freeze zone, Toxic Spray projectiles become icicles that function as a normal Ice Lance.
Toxic Spray/Toxic Puddles + Lightning: Toxic Spray projectiles become electrified upon contact with Lightning, creating electrified Toxic Puddles that Shock players upon contact.
Toxic Spray + Flamewall/Flame Puddles: Toxic Spray projectiles will be consumed upon contact with Flamewall or Flame Puddles, converting the flames into significantly more powerful Dragonfire.
Toxic Spray + Tornado: Toxic Spray projectiles that score a direct hit on a Tornado will convert it to a Toxic Whirlwind that deals DoT while pulling players. The Toxic Whirlwind can subsequently be ignited to create a huge vertical explosion.
Toxic Cloud + Ice Lance/Flash Freeze: Toxic Clouds can be frozen into an Ice Block with an Ice Lance or Flash Freeze, or into Ice Mist if a player is caught within the AOE.
Toxic Cloud + Lightning Bolt/Lightning Strike: Toxic Clouds struck with Lightning become electrified, casting a 10m AOE shock.
Toxic Cloud + Fireball/Flamewall/Flame Puddle: Toxic Clouds explode upon contact with Fire, creating a massive Dragonfire explosion. Toxic Cloud projectiles, instead of immediately exploding, will instead be ignited and subsequently, erupt into Dragonfire wherever they land.
Toxic Spray/Toxic Puddle/Toxic Cloud + Wind Shear: Wind Shears that come into contact with Toxic will create Toxic Mist upon impact.


Lightning Bolt/Lightning Strike + Ice/Water/Steam/Toxic Puddles and Ice Blocks: Ice, Water, Steam, or Toxic Puddles are electrified on contact with Lightning and will Shock players within a 10m radius.
Lightning Bolt/Lightning Strike + Toxic Spray: Toxic Spray Projectiles struck with Lightning will have their resultant puddles electrified.
Lightning Bolt + Toxic Cloud Projectiles: Toxic Cloud Projectiles absorb Lightning, electrifying a 10m radius upon contact mid-flight.
Lightning Bolt/Lightning Strike + Toxic Cloud: Once activated, the Toxic Cloud can be electrified with any form of Lightning, shocking players within a 10m AOE.
Lightning Bolt/Lightning Cloud + Tornado: Unlike FIreballs, Ice Lances, Toxic Sprays, and Boulders, Lightning is unaffected by the AOE Pull of Tornado, but will electrify the Tornado upon a direct hit, creating a Lightning Tornado that continuously shocks players within its Pull zone.
Lightning Strike + Flamewall: Lightning Strike, when cast in close proximity to a Flamewall, the latter will function as a Lightning rod, pulling the Lightning toward it.
Lightning Bolt/ Lightning Strike + Wind Shear: Wind Shears are electrified by Lightning and will afflict Shock on players upon contact.
Lightning Strike + Flamewall: Flamewall acts like a lightning bolt when the latter is cast within close proximity.
Spellbreak is free to download and well worth the time it takes to do so.


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