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This is a familiar side-scrolling run and jump adventure where the character of Snake Man collects Coins and Gems etc as he traverses many different  terrains while dodging various obstacles. Spiders and other large critters are scary and one touch from them can sizzle away one of Snake Man's three lives, as can large birds flying over, falling onto spiked walls etc, but the most amusing is that mobile Mushrooms bounce back and forth across grassy platforms and they are just as deadly as any oversized insect can be.

Snake Man, who looks like a garage mechanic wearing a Halloween latex snake head, is actually (so he says) an Alien from the Snake Planet who has come to the Planet Earth to save it from an invasion from another Planet's occupants who intend Global Victory.

On his adventures he meets and helps humans and creatures, doing his best to reach them and save them from the Grandiots 'Dumb Ray'. The Grandiots are not the brightest species in the Universe, but somehow they have created this mobile ray machine which turns gentle creatures into Grand Idiots at best, dangerous monsters at worst.

The controls are basic, Arrow Keys or WASD for movement and [Spacebar] for jumping - quick skillful key-taps can get a higher jump at times, but it isn't the easiest of skills to achieve.

Some coins hang deliciously out of reach, at least for me. I assume, as they are there, a way to get to them must be within the game's parametres, but I have yet to find it. I'm not known for my dexterity but someone who is a keyboard wizard (games not music) may well be able to reach them.

Background scenery is realistic. Designers have put a lot of thought and effort into making every blade of grass or leaf on a tree look as if you could touch them, even though this game is in flat 2D.

Even stone walls look like they have been made from stones, though I will admit that floating stone & grass discs are a little unusual, at least where I live - maybe in odd places in Wales for example they are commonplace?

Apart from just running and jumping, I say 'apart' but these are the main actions, there are some challenges that require a little thought and the occasional leap of death  fate.

Spiders like to play yo-yo with you. One will drop down in front of you, for example, and then as it goes back up its web-line two more drop, one either side of it. Regualarly seen in other games as steam hammers, giant stones, swinging axes etc. It's a matter of timing. You get it right you can run straight through and feel that you have accomplished a victory; play it safe and take one step at a time and you still get through just as long as you don't leave your finger on the forward arrow for too long. Safe, yes, but not so brave.

I have never been very good at side-scrollers, and that includes Sonic and many, many others, and so I have developed a logical nonchalance towards them; they don't like me (because I am dextrously challenged) and I don't like them (same reason).

SNAKE MAN'S ADVENTURES is good to look at, imaginative, and has a good story hook - who doesn't want to save the world from an alien invasion? It might not be for me personally, but anyone who loves the run, jump, dodge, and collect, game style will find this warm and fuzzy.


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